The Progressive Hatred

I normally don’t take time to comment on U.S. politics but something that happened today really enraged me.

First of all I don’t know who this is but Melania Trump is exactly whom the progressives placed under their protected snowflake class: Immigrant, woman, grew up in poverty. But that doesn’t stop the hypocrites from throwing her under the bus if she doesn’t follow their identity politics. This woman decided to mock Trump’s accent, despite Trump being able to speak her native Slovenian, French, Serbian, German and English fluently, especially when this woman could barely speak English let alone another language. Sure, Trump has an accent but it is understandable linguistically when someone learns another language. As if Trump didn’t know she has an accent, which is why she rarely holds public speaking roles, but the progressives could find nothing else to attack her so they mock her accent, way to go with your tolerant rhetoric.

Mocking accent is nothing new for the progressives, Ayn Rand like Trump grew up in a totalitarian regime, she could speak her native Russian, French and German before her immigration to United States. She wasted no time to learn English, she didn’t ask for someone to translate for her when she first met Cecile B. Demille, she communicated with him in a language she was still learning and he gave her the job as an extra and eventually screenwriter. In fact, she mastered English and wrote exclusively in English throughout her career, but guess what, she has an accent. So of course the tolerant liberals like to make fun of her accent rather than discussing her ideas.

So here we are, two immigrant women who lived in poverty became the most hated symbols for the progressives. Once again it proves progressives have no values whatsoever, they only aim to replace what was once good with new feel-good experiments. There are many others who are abandoned by the liberal train because despite having the physical attributes the progressives loved, they don’t fall prey to their feelings, here are a few examples:

  1. Blair White–  A transsexual who isn’t buying the leftist propaganda, progressives hate her for: actually looking like a woman, prettier than most feminists, believes in equality, doesn’t base her identity on her being a transsexual.
  2. Peter Thiel– A billionaire, founder of Paypal and investor Facebook. A conservative libertarian who happened to be gay. Progressives were so triggered that they announced he’s not really gay because he doesn’t buy into their rhetoric.
  3. Tim Scott– An African American Republican senator for South Carolina who believes in small government is labelled as “Uncle Tom“.
  4. Milo Yiannopoulos– A Jewish, flamboyant, gay conservative (with fetish for African men). He probably has ticked all the victim boxes except he doesn’t give in to his victimhood, he embraces not living in victimhood. Despite being a Jew, media loves to label him a “white nationalist”, even “Nazi” and scrambled to correct their rants when a libel is being filed.

They still haven’t realise this yet, but this kinda of behaviour is exactly what made Democrats lose the election. The more Buzzfeed writes lists, Mic promotes fake news, Huffington Post creates rants and Independent shills”breaking news”, the more people lose faith in the media. The more Antifa and BLM riots, the more people steer away from socialism. The more feminists tantrums and obesity waddles, the more people want to improve themselves and become better individuals. If the left wants to have any chance of having relevance again (which they don’t), they need to stop campaigning for Trump’s reelection.


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