Go Woke and Go Broke

The recent backlash to Gillette’s ad campaign should come to no surprises to anyone. The 1 minute 48 seconds ad was full of the most obvious form of propaganda available, it depicted “toxic masculinity” in the form “men” behaving badly, specifically Caucasian men behaving badly which according to the ad, is very common. The notorious […]

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In Defence of Science

Guess what? Ayn Rand’s warning against the New Left is making news again, this time in the form of Dr. James Watson, a renowned geneticist who was known for discovering the structure of the DNA molecule. It’s important to know that Dr. Watson believes in the collectivist concept of environmentalism, but that doesn’t stop him […]

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Finding Myself

My paternal grandmother died, I had to go to Taiwan for a week for the funeral. The death didn’t really affect me as much, but two things made me think really hard about my life since I went back during the turning point of 2018 to 2019. One thing that I thought hard about was […]

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Don’t Play Stupid Games

It’s been a distressful morning. I watched the video of a young woman getting raped and beheaded which has been circulating around the internet, I cried. I was not crying because of the content of the video, no, I was crying because this was a preventable incident, yet it still happened. The background of the […]

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Overcoming Temptation

Although Objectivism is supposed to be the philosophy for living on Earth, the reality can be harsh at times, there is temptation to join the collectivists at every turn. It’s not easy to always do the right thing. I think of it as a bit like the film Forrest Gump. Forrest was born with a […]

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A Simple Analogy

How does one best explain simple economics? Well, the best way to do it is to use something simple, practical which affects the listener’s life. I remember a Marxist friend once asked me about why can jewellery be charged at such a high price when the amount of work being put into the production is […]

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