Man and His Inherent Productivity

If there’s anything we have learnt from the Coronavirus pandemic, is that people are willing to submit themselves to authoritarianism for the sake of a false sense of security.

According to World Health Organisation, seasonal flu relates to 290 000 to 650 000 of deaths a year, which is severely less than the elderly died under the new strain of Coronavirus. If we look at the worst pandemic in the history-Black Death, which killed 100 million of the world’s population, you may notice that maybe Covid-19 is not as deadly as the media decried. The countries most affected by the pandemic appeared to have an ageing population: Countries severely affected by the virus like Spain and Italy are known to have an extensive elderly population, Belgium nursing homes accounts for over half of all deaths related to Covid-19. If we look at New Zealand, a remote country “ravaged” (according to the media) by the virus, of all the deaths so far, the AVERAGE AGE OF DECEDENTS IS 80. New York is also likely to have inflated the number of positive cases and deaths for economic gains.

Because of this one virus, everyone is willing to surrender their freedom to the mighty government, whose recklessness in vetting people into their countries have caused the outbreak in the first place. Lockdown became a common practice for countries to try to contain the infection rate, which, like all good deeds, have unintentional consequences. The first one is unemployment, unemployment jumped by nearly 1% in March 2020 alone in the US. Instead of trying to stimulate the economy, the Trump administration thought it would be a good idea to create even more unemployment through a welfare programme pushed by the collectivists. Secondly, the Chinese are making gains of the virus they created themselves economically. Thirdly, the globalists didn’t not hesitate to push for mandatory vaccination. Lastly, while advocating for a compulsory home detention, this does not extend to people invading their country.

At least people are revolting against the tyrannical government in the United States, people here in New Zealand are blindly following the order of the socialist government with 0 legal backing. Not only this, but the mass is actually praising the effect of the lock down without any understanding of basic log reduction. Will we ever shrug? I do not know since we know people are not revolting and the only people revolting are being mocked in this country despite they have legitimate legal standing to sue the government. People may enjoy their cheque now, but like every socialist policy, you will eventually run out of other people’s money. It’s a lesson that no one seems to remember, but they are all perfectly willing to suffer from their amnesia. Only time will tell

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