Cartoon Wars

We are at war with cartoons again. This time some washed up women’s tennis player threw a tantrum because *gasp* she cheated and was caught red handed. She happened to be African American too so of course she played the racist and sexist card, claiming she was unfairly treated because of her sex and race, well, ironically the opponent she was playing was a Japanese woman who could also claim the race and sex card but she won fairly. So this temper tantrum became the headline news with the collectivists suddenly interested in tennis, especially when they never cared before. All of them defending the tantrum despite the fact that SHE CHEATED.

That wasn’t even the worst issue, Australian cartoonist Mark Knight from the Sydney Herald drew a cartoon of the event and got lambasted by the screeching harpies for being “RACIST” and “SEXIST”. Despite the fact that satirical caricatures are meant to make fun of people’s features and it was a rather accurate depiction since everyone knew instantly who the cartoon characters were referring to.

The “controversial” cartoon: Serena Williams  vs Naomi Osaka

The SJWs want blood, a bunch of blue-checkmark clowns came out slamming the cartoon, even the queen beasts like J. K. Rowling came out to defend the big baby.

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If they really want to talk about sexism then sure, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about how women are physically unable to compete in tennis with men. How the Williams sisters failed to beat a German player who was drunk, retired and ranked at 203rd in the world at the time. How women play less sets than men and how women’s tennis want to be paid the same as men when they can’t draw the same crowd or compete on the same level.

If they want to talk about racism, we can immediately look at the actual winner, who is JAPANESE. And if you look at men’s tennis ranking, you can see there are a wide range of people from different countries in the ranking system, with a large amount of Hispanics and Asians. Women’s ranking also has similar patterns.

Now we have removed those two cards, the reality is that Williams had really bad manners, and she was caught for it but then tried to deflect the actual problem of her cheating with an imaginary scapegoat. So Knight drew a picture to make fun of her, that somehow became racist and sexist and the entire topic became focused on the alleged “discrimination” (of whom?) instead of the real issue with CHEATING, which no one seems to talk about.

This is not the first time cartoon has caused such massive whinge of the collectivists. Recently, there was the Garland Mohamet drawing contest which almost turned into massacre and then the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Geert Wilders tried to host another drawing contest but the threats of violence from Islamist cancelled it. This is media creating nothing out of thin air for more clicks on their opinion pieces, along with the help of useful idiots who are “outraged”.

It’s not surprising to see the violent mob once again trying to silence free speech, thank goodness most Australians can see the artificial outrage for what it is. Knight should be thankful the SJWs only want him fired and apologize, but he still caved under the pressure from the SJWs. The winner of the Mohamet drawing contest Bosch Fawstin (you can read the hilarious threats here) received daily death threats for the things that he continue to draw. As a fellow Objectivist, he has inspired me greatly, he showed that one can be an Objectivist in any profession. Just like Steve Ditko. He will always fight for what he believes in. Never give them an inch, SJWs will take a mile. On a side note, Bosch is trying to convert Atlas Shrugged into a graphic novel. Show him some love.

Pig Man vs Mohamet



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