I Before Us

“As a (race,gender,sexual orientation), I have a right to make a statement”. This is the most common way a collectivist begins his statement, he does not have any of his own ideas but he can recite lines he has heard from others. I sympathise with them because this is what the collectivised education system creates-The […]

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How to Judge a Song

First, we need to distinguish between a piece of music and a song. Rand has devoted a whole book on the subject of aesthetics called Romantic Manifesto which she has described music as a psycho-epistemological experience. I’ll provide a few quotes to summarise what she meant when she discussed music: Psycho-epistemologically, the pattern of the response […]

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Barbarians in the 21st Century

What is evolution? Evolution is the gradual accumulation of improvement to an end point, it is not to be confused with Revolution which means a recurring change. Evolution can occur both biologically and culturally.Theoretically speaking, evolution only occur if organisms can improve their adaptability to enhance their survival, thus our biology and culture would both lead […]

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The Confused Element: Drugs

Narcotic is defined as a drug that affects the central nervous system and causes a reduction in pain, a sense of well-being, and decreases in respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. It is sometimes used generically to describe abused drugs which are addictive (Bell, 2013). I take neither the position of the liberals or conservatives, drugs […]

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Objectivist Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

Myers-Briggs is a widely used personality inventory for businesses, interestingly there hasn’t been one done for the characters from Ayn Rand’s  Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. So I tried to fit the characters into the 16 categories with some characters omitted due to lack of space, take the official test here if you don’t know which type you are. (Ayn Rand herself has been thought to be an INTJ).

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