Superhuman Civil War: Legalizing Slavery or Defending Freedom

Warning: Contains Spoilers Civil War is a crossover event in the Marvel Comic universe. Following M-day when Scarlet Witch rendered 90% of the mutant population powerless, the growing tension of mutant and human escalated as now remaining mutants are outnumbered. Following the Hulk rampage, Secret War. The tension reached its final breaking point when New […]

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Who is Peter Thiel? 

The infamous Gawker media is in flame again, who made it happen? Peter Andreas Thiel, the tech tycoon of the silicon valley. A little background on the Gawker meltdown: Gawker is known to be a gossip “news” site primarily functions to bully people and spreading lies. Think of it as if Salon had a baby with […]

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Review: Bioshock’s Objectivism

Bioshock is a video game franchise created by Ken Levine, the basis of the first game is based on Objectivism being applied in an underwater city called rapture. Intended to be an utopia of the producers, certain (non-objectivist) conditions made it less habitable than expected. When the discovery of genetic altering material ADAM occured (with […]

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A Strong Woman is Not a Victim

Remember when Rand said she wouldn’t want a woman president? Well, in her essay About a Woman President she also stated that she would not want to have a woman to be the commander in chief. The left quickly goes brain-dead upon hearing this without hearing the explanation: It was never about the ability of woman to […]

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