Freedom and Security

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

1984 was supposed to be a warning, but now it is playing out as a movie in the real world. In the wake of the Christchurch shooting last Friday, New Zealand has completely transformed into a police state. Firstly, various websites were banned within hours without using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), these include Liveleak, Zerohedge, Voat, 4chan, Bitchute and even the Dissenter app from, but surprisingly, actual hate sites like Dailystormer was not banned, which really makes you question what is their priority. But even most hypocritically, Facebook, the platform which the shooter used for live streaming was not banned at all simply because they are already actively censoring people. Thus we know, anywhere where free speech exists, it must be shut down.

Secondly, people started to be banned in real life, such as Milo Yiannpoulos who has nothing to do with the event was banned from Australia. But he wasn’t the only one, Lauren Southern and Stefan were deplatformed in Canada, people mentioned in the shooter’s manifestos also got hit such as Pewdiepie and Candace Owen (who is an African woman), even more ridiculously, the left somehow was blaming President Donald Trump who has nothing to do with the event.

Almost immediately and predictably following the event, the socialist government announced they would ban semi automatic rifles, again, guns were not the problem since the shooter purposely chose to use guns for extra effect to cause civil war in America (yes, that’s what he wrote). The shooter also carried explosives and gasoline to set fire, but these were not mentioned by the media since the New Zealand police threatened 10 year prison for owning a copy of the video and 14 years for distributing the video. That’s even more sentences for killing people in New Zealand! Additionally, there is this purposely vague law which allows the random imprisonment of people, yet everyone is too afraid to speak out against it. People have already been arrested because of this legislation to make public exhibition of having Wrong Think. At least two people have been arrested over this, without bail for Wrong Think; not to also mention the overseas cases of people being arrested over Wrong Think.The hypocrisy is simply limitless since ISIS videos and any other videos of violence are not “objectionable” under the legislation. If anything, these tyrannical rules are only adding to the divide.

The divide is growing since even normal people who are able to see how the State is using this event as a scapegoat to pass more oppressive rules is being attacked. I do not have the permission to post the screenshot of a person who was visited by the cops because someone reported something he said on Facebook, but this is the state of New Zealand. We are becoming Britain and Sweden who don’t care about actual crimes like rape and murder, but saying un-PC things on the internet would guarantee your arrest. This is akin to the Communist purging of dissenters, turning family and friends against one another. But the truth is, this would only shift more normal people who just want to exercise their liberty to become extremists.

A baby boomer cop who is disgustingly self righteous tried obtain private information from a website called Kiwifarm got a public humiliation

But this doesn’t stop people’s self righteousness and holier than thou attitude, 37 sheep turned in their rifles out of 1.2 million gun owners to virtue signal. The local media was milking the event to its fullest extent. Now they are implementing sharia law in the parliament and wearing symbols of oppression without knowing the context.

It is a very scary time to live in, the fact that I am writing this, without the need to Double Think and use Newspeak is a mighty feat in time of universal deceit. I will refuse to submit myself to fear and slavery. I don’t know what the future holds for us who are able to think for ourselves in this country, but I do know that we will never stop fighting for freedom.


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