We Need Fake News

The concept of “fake news” isn’t really a new idea, we have seen media outlets like The Onion, Daily Show and Weekly World News running rampant in the past few decades. Other forms of “fake news” are hoaxes or propoganda like the famous “Fiji Mermaid” or the “Disappearing Blonde Gene”. But what is troubling now is that fake news […]

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The Limit of Freedom

Hedonism is a concept that has always fascinated me, in simple terms, hedonism means pleasure seeking. To the hedonists, pleasure or happiness has the highest value which shall be maximised against pain. Essentially, hedonists are individualist utilitarians who focuses on the self rather than a collective. So is there limit of pleasure seeking? In Objectivist terms […]

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On Free Movement

There’s nothing more controversial in recent debates than the concept of “border”, from Brexit to Trump’s ludicrous attempt to build a wall; to the double layered fences in Hungary and George Clooney’s secluded mansion in Italy, people can’t seem to come to an agreement on how much “border” we need or even what’s the metaphysical […]

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You Don’t Love Science

To go back to the earliest root of science, we need to look at the hypothesis made by Thales of Miletus. Thales was the first person to use geometry to measure heights and he was also the first person to look into metaphysics philosophically. He thought water was “arche” which means beginning e.g. Archetype. He […]

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How to Judge a Song

First, we need to distinguish between a piece of music and a song. Rand has devoted a whole book on the subject of aesthetics called Romantic Manifesto which she has described music as a psycho-epistemological experience. I’ll provide a few quotes to summarise what she meant when she discussed music: Psycho-epistemologically, the pattern of the response […]

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