Go Woke and Go Broke

The recent backlash to Gillette’s ad campaign should come to no surprises to anyone. The 1 minute 48 seconds ad was full of the most obvious form of propaganda available, it depicted “toxic masculinity” in the form “men” behaving badly, specifically Caucasian men behaving badly which according to the ad, is very common. The notorious ad garnered hundreds of thousands of dislikes within hours and an overwhelming amount of negative comments. With YouTube and Facebook moderators deleting thousands of comments and negative ratings by the hours and new ones added.

The likes and dislikes as of 18.01.19, notice the Chinese and Indian bots farming the likes and deleting dislikes.

The funniest aspect of this is they are attacking their core customers to appease people who do not shave, namely beta soyboy neckbeards and feminists. The likes and dislikes doesn’t matter, sales figure will matter. This is not the first time corporation tries to appeal to collectivists and losing big chunks of money. Examples are everywhere, including Marvel comics losing sales for forcing diversity and propaganda onto very suspecting customer base, feminization of classic films losing money as in the case of Ghostbusters and Ocean’s Eleven; Mass Effect: Andromeda, a video with ugly diversity led to the destruction of an entire franchise.

You see, it doesn’t pay to attack your customers, this is business 101 but the collectivists do not understand it. With many pledging to boycott Gillette and associated companies, this is gonna hit them hard. But this is not the beginning nor the end of the cultural war. The best weapon we have is to not buy any products that are made with a collectivist mindset. Nothing speaks louder than the purchasing power, it can be hard but it pays to be informed about what you buy.

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