What Can You Contribute?

One thing that really irks me about people is that we seem to unrealistically make plans and never follow them through. Ever since President Donald Trump winning the US presidential race in 2016, all the whinging of celebrities threatening to move to Canada (never other non-Caucasian countries) suddenly stopped whining and remained in California. Why is that I wonder? Well, it’s simple, there is simply no market for them to get attention in Canada. The most Canada does entertainment wise is to produce shows for the Syfy channel, there’s no place for big budget Hollywood movies or reality TV shows, nor late night talk shows. We knew they were not going to follow through with their threats and the reality is exactly what we have expected.

Now with the growing threat of Islamophilia in the West, people are waking up and wanting to move to other places where they have low to no presence of Islam. The popular destination is Poland. But have people not realized that Poland isn’t some paradise one can just waltz into? The same people who are vocal about immigration control are completely ignorant in their thinking, Poland also has very tight immigration laws. On top of that, they don’t speak English, if you want to fit in you really got to be able to speak fluent Polish. Poland is mainly a manufacturing country, not a service country. You definitely need a trade to qualify to live there. It’s a not a place yuppies can survive easily.

So my questions are:

  • What have you got to offer to your host country?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Can you speak their languages?

Classical liberals are well aware of these implications but I find the conservatives disgustingly hypocritical on their own claims of nationalism. I can say that I am another person who wouldn’t mind living in another safer country. But I do consider the obstacles I will need to face. These are the countries I think are the best for classical liberals and Objectivists:

  1. Norway- Norway has a growing movement to reverse the socialization of the economy, it has plenty of natural resources to sustain the economy. They are not part of the European Union and the people have strong national identity. Norwegian is easy to learn as it is very similar to English, plus learning Norwegian allows you to speak Danish too. It’s a country good for fishermen, chemical engineers, chemists and farmers.
  2. Switzerland- Switzerland like Norway is not part of the European Union, it is known to be a safe haven historically. There are multiple languages being spoken, including English. It has one of the most liberal economies in the Europe. Swiss economy is focused mainly on providing services and high tech production. It would suit professionals and scientists.
  3. The United States of America- There are some really nice States and cities in America and some places you definitely want to avoid like Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Portland, Los Angeles, etc. There are endless possibilities but their visas are hard to come by, you would need to be highly skilled in certain areas meeting their employment demand to move there.
  4. Australia- Not counting New South Wales and Victoria, Australia is a very nice country for those who enjoy a warming continental climate. It’s got a lot of opportunities for the right people, it would suit construction workers, hospitality workers, professionals and agriculture workers.
  5. New Zealand- At the far corner of the Earth, New Zealand is a country with a small economy needing a lot of low skilled workers. It is relatively safe but the current socialist mixed economy meant you need a really good job to live comfortably. It would suit healthcare professionals, agriculture workers, metallurgy workers and forestry workers.
  6. Japan- Although rather authoritarian, Japanese culture values hard work and unity. It is one of the safest places on Earth, but you have to learn to speak Japanese. It is suitable for professionals, teachers, mechanics, electrical engineers, computer scientists, chemist, biologist, etc.

When Ayn Rand decided to escape from Soviet Russia, she researched the United States, started learning English and made preparation before her escape came to fruition. To simply make a threat to move to another country is short-sighted, it does not come into effect until one actually physically makes the move. I am grateful that I emigrated from Asia to escape the totalitarian conditioning, Western enlightenment is something that I am willing to fight for. I do not make threats to move elsewhere when the direction of the country is going downhills, I stayed and I will continue to fight for my freedom.


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