How Can We Help the Disabled?

I had the biggest argument with my collectivist parents to date. What was the debate about you may ask? Well, it’s about whether we should have quota in businesses for disabled individuals. Naturally, us liberty-minded individuals would be against this notion; But the collectivists would immediately attack you for being unsympathetic to the plight of the “lowest of the low” in the society. They apparently think they are riding on the horses of moral high ground with their “it’s my way, or no way” mentality strapped on. Here is how you can defeat them and really help the disabled.

The first and foremost argument you need to make is to point out how these virtue signallers really think of the disabled. As pointed out in my earlier article on the Stoddard Temple, the collectivists view the disabled as helpless objects, completely lack of any agency and capacity to live a happy life. Therefore, it is their burden to infantize them for the rest of their lives. This is the way these virtue signallers really view the disabled, they are the pawns of these holier than thou preachers’ game to feel morally superior about themselves. They want to feel like they have control over others and more importantly, they want to feel as if they are superior to the disabled individuals.

Secondly, the difference between a free market solution and a collectivist solution to help the disabled is striking. Under a free market, private charity consisting of free individuals may wish to help the disabled voluntarily by teaching them skills and providing them as they learn. It’s not simple babysitting. The disabled may have to start from the bottom of the social ladder but with their skill set and experience, they can gradually climb to the top with hard work, there is virtually no limit as to how high they can climb up to.

A collectivist solution is to provide quotas in businesses for these individuals, if business do not comply, they face fines and even imprisonment for the owners. They do not think that the disabled will ever get employment without the help of some know-it-all legislators. They pluck the disabled from the bottom and shove them in the middle and make them stay there. With no skill and no experience, the disabled individual simply cannot perform the role which is required of them, but the business cannot terminate them either. The disabled will be living forever under the charity and pity of others for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, has anyone actually asked the disabled what they actually want? The same quota system is observed in many practices when it comes to race such as in academia and politics. What do you think people are gonna think of the individuals who got a degree or a position of power becasue of their quota? Not well. You might have guess. What’s even more detrimental is that the fact that those individuals from the same group who opted not to use the quota system are viewed with suspicion solely for the fact that they look like they belong in the same group. Can you imagine someone telling a disabled person “Sorry, the quota has been filled, you have been represented?” But this is exactly what this scheme does to people. It destroys their dignity.

What’s to stop more quota from being implemented? How about people who were born unattractive? They are less likely to get hired, shouldn’t they have quota too? Or how do you measure someone’s worth based on their disabilities? How many cripples do you need to trade 2 blinds?

Quota has been the biggest bane to have happened in societies ever since the civil rights movement. It undermines the individual in favour of the collective, discourages achievement and hard work, created a false sense of helplessness for those deemed to be part of a “disadvantaged” group. I am sure most disabled people would rather live a happy, fulfilling life making positive controbutions to the world, instead of being viewed as helpless critters who need everyone’s pity. I will never stop noticing that the disabled are slightly different from the rest of us, but I will not treat them as second class citizens. Your virtue signalling isn’t helping, come back down to earth and see how you can help them, personally.


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