Whose Lives Matter?

It doesn’t matter whether you think Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Purple Lives Matter or Any Lives Matter. The reality is that a life only matters when it has value, saying a life matter doesn’t magically make it valid. We can ask the regressive left if Adolf Hitler’s life mattered, you bet they are all gonna say “No,he was a racist fascist white supremacist”; but if you do it in reverse and ask them if equally racist communist dictator Neilson Mandela’s life mattered they would all say “Oh yes, yes he was a hero for saving South Africa from racism” but in fact he didn’t remove racism, he not only maintained racism but also made South Africa a whole lot poorer.

The underlying notion of “X group Lives Matter” is a false sense of tribalism that did not base on any factual concrete, the result of all these is an increased collectivist identity of victimhood, for everyone. For instance there were posters of “White Lives Matter” recently being put up around University of Auckland, with artwork as fake and socialist as Lena Dunham’s weight loss, but this coordinated SJW attack highlighted both supporters and protesters of the posters’ own false victimhood.

For th side of the supporters: Yes, multiculturalism/pluralism is DEATH but not to the “white race”, it’s the death of reason and logic of the civilisation the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans have built. The Europeans were barbarians until they were civilised by the adoption of advanced technology and customs of the Romans. All these helped to enable the evolution of good ideas that superseded the culture of plunder and looting. But to believe in the biological superiority of the Caucasian race is completely idiotic, the superiority of Western ideas is shared by all races, just look at the advancement of technology when the Japanese left their feudalism and the advancement of philosophy and medicine when the Scottish started to embrace the English enlightenment. The backward Slavic and Irish people of the past are now developing wonderful videos games, music and movies that no one knew they were capable of. The notion of rationality is what truly keeps any society strong, not a mythological worship of the colour of one’s skin, a group identity or any part of one’s body.

For th side of the protesters: Labelling people “racist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, Islamophobi, homophobic, nazi, white supremacist” is not going to make these people stop believing in their false sense of superiority. The only way they can dismantle their extremist views is by the betterment of themselves and understand why there is a rise of such extremist groups. Perhaps one should examine oneself to see the cause. Racism is rampant with the laws favouring one group over another based on race, yet these people do t see a problem with that,  not only that but these people take pride in accepting barbaric ideals that is incompatible with what made our civilisation so great; under this culture of victimhood idolation and participation trophy kamikaze, it’s not a surprise when another similar extremist group react to the philosophical decay of society.

But to be fair, the media has responsibility for pushing these divisive propaganda. For instance the NZ herald has been pushing the narrative of “Polynesians are violent” for 3 days in a row, anyone can see how this can agitate a reaction from the general populace. Another example is the narrative that Australian Cartoonist Bill Leak was racist immediately after his death. Unless we stop focusing on race, more lives will continue to be lost.


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