The Citadel of Global Hypocrisy

The Citadel of Global Hypocrisy is what Ayn Rand called United Nations in her essay “Lessons of South Vietnam” in which she discussed the implication of Hegelian metaphysics that allows contradictions to exist, the result is the hypocrisy of the American troops in Vietnam fighting a mythical war, or more precisely, the neo-isolationist. The neo-isolationist according to Rand was supportive of American effort against the Axis during the Second World War while simultaneous screaming against fighting communist regimes. I will come back to why this essay is still relevant today in a bit even though the Cold War had been won, I need to focus specifically on what Rand had implied in the following paragraph:

 After a few shocked remarks, there were no protests from our media or from those liberal altruists who cry over the victims of “relative poverty” in America. The liberals had been minimizing or ridiculing the conservatives’ fear that a “blood bath” would follow a communist victory (March of death of Phnom Penh at the hands of Khmer Rouge was reported). If human suffering concerned them at all, one would expect the altruists to scream their heads off against an atrocity which is worse than a blood bath: a mass execution by long-drawn-out torture. But the altruists have shut their traps. So have the altruists of Europe. There has been no significant protest from the hundreds of world organisations devoted to the relief of suffering, including the contemptible citadel of global hypocrisy, the U.N.

United Nations was formed by 4 founding countries: United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Russia and Republic of China. Despite not being constitutional to any countries, incorporates big violators of peace and funded by taxation using (unconstitutional) United States Department of State, it was created for the purpose of peacekeeping. The creation is largely thanks to Roosevelt, another big violator of human rights. The reign of terror begins in 1946. Let’s start with the security council, the security council is in charge of peacekeeping missions in war torn places, it consists of 5 great powers which have the ability to veto “resolutions” (we will comeback to what this means soon) with a number of other member states applying to be on the council. Smart readers can probably see one of the biggest problems is its veto power of the great powers, secondly, it failed to actually keep the peace in major genocides such as in Rwanda, Serbia, Bosnia, Cambodia, etc. Again, it allowed major violators of peace to be involved (Nigeria, Jordan, Malaysia and Venezuela). Also it contains double standard for the communist regimes who committed atrocities but they are disregarded because they have the veto power. Probably the most embarrassing aspect is that people in New Zealand were proud that more of the budget would be wasted on this hypocrisy when New Zealand was elected in the council back in 2016.

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Another contemptible function of the U.N. is the International Court of Justice, it has no binding power whatsoever, the only jurisdiction enforceable is when both parties agree to the decision, which is hypocritical to the principle of international law: no nation is superior or inferior than others. It does not include violation of human rights because only States can file cases. Again, the great powers can veto decision which basically renders the ruling useless, not to mention international law are not constitutional therefore it only serves as an adversarial group.

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Something not only atrocious, but also wasteful are the various committees that achieved nothing they were intended for, for example, there is a women’s committee which gamergate con artists Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn were invited to pass a “resolution” to end “cyber violence”. Commission of Sustainable Development aimed to hinder human comfort for the sake of environment with hypocritical world summits that created more pollution.  United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues promotes ethinic groups with special treatments without any consideration of historical evidences to justify the claims. There are even some laughable committees and commissions such as Special Political and Decolonization committee, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation, Disarmament and International Security committee, Latin American Social Sciences Institute, even a United Nations Forum on Forests.  There is also a “United Nations Human Rights Council” in which major violators of human rights once again are part of it: Egypt, Rwanda, Tunisia, China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,  United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Qatar, Nigeria, Republic of Congo and Botswana are currently part of. What exactly do they do?

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For one they enjoy passing useless resolutions against the State of Israel, in fact it has filed 62 resolutions against Israel already as of 2015, you may as well name it the Sharia council. It also has double standards for totalitarian states when it comes to human rights abuse such as terrorist organisation Hamas not being condemned at all. Somehow “climate change” is also part of human rights for some reason.

Other than constantly attacking Israel, U.N. has also denied Taiwan membership because of China (which is a good thing) but the hypocrisy just never ends, considering Taiwan and Israel are on the front line against violation of human rights as the bastion of hope surrounding by Islamic savagery and Asian ethnic conflicts. Another one of their crazy collectivist schemes was an organisation known as U.N. Youth in which young people are brainwashed into thinking the world is a scary place and somehow we are morally superior than the poor people from other countries, therefore these poor people need our help. Sadly, this organisation doesn’t even follow the peacekeeping message anymore, just a lobby group for foreign aid.

More recently, U.N. Security Council passed another resolution to condemn Jewish settlements in Eastern Jerusalem. Obama’s blaze of glory before being evicted from the White House was to abstain from the vote in order to avoid using veto. Of course the progressive altruists and neo-nazis approved this move, but many were outraged by this resolution. But guess what? Benjamin Netanyahu like the rest of the world, DID NOT CARE about this resolution that is wholly anti-security in essence. In fact, this brought light to Israel’s long struggle to being fairly treated on the world stage. Yes Israel is not perfect in many respect, but when you have civilized men fighting savages, you support the civilized men, no matter who they are. Clearly U.N. did not learn from the mistake of EU, which is on life support at the moment (may 2017 pull the plug)

So in summary, United Nations IS a citadel of global hypocrisy, if they really wanted to promote peace, they would not have allowed the war mongers to join the organisation in the first place. If they really wanted to promote human rights, they need to stop oppressing the most oppressed group of people in the world, historically and factually.


Special Thanks to my friend Dawn for the video.




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