I Before Us

“As a (race,gender,sexual orientation), I have a right to make a statement”.

This is the most common way a collectivist begins his statement, he does not have any of his own ideas but he can recite lines he has heard from others. I sympathise with them because this is what the collectivised education system creates-The loss of identity. We seem to see a large group of young people seeking to find their own identity without any success. I have a pretty clear idea on how this came about, why, this is precisely because one’s identity is not fixed. Various psychological researches would have told us so, yet people think in terms of labels. The only problem is that these labels are not based on ideas, rather they are physical traits, unchangeable traits.

This induces the collectivist dilemma: according to them, we are simultaneously the same yet simultaneously different. Regardless of similarity and dissimilarity, they are all based on groups one may or may not belong to intentional or unintentionally. This helps the collectivists to aid their hypocrisy depending on the need of the moment. We are not the same intellectually and physically despite studies by Dr. Arthur Jensen has done extensive researches to show that everyone has different mental capacity (known as the g factor). Even basic knowledge on the human anatomy and biology would tell us that there is sexual dimorphism to distinguish the different genders. Not that these traits created any hierarchy for the fundamental rights of people but they essentially made us all different, though collectivists insist that these traits can all be disregarded because of “discrimination”, some even went as far as saying they are “social constructs” (I don’t want to go into these “post modernist” madness but reading any mainstream media should provide enough explanation). As Dr. Thomas Sowell liked to say, we are not equal to ourselves on different days. These are the things that made us different and it should not have impact on our identity. But the collectivists like to ignore reality.


On the other hand, the things that should have an impact on our identity: The law of identity, the exercise of free will, the application of reasoning and the formation of ideas are “problematic”, therefore should be heavily controlled in order to make us the same. They have 2 ways of achieving this. The first one is censorship (State control of information by the threat of force), it mostly extends to the so called Safe Space where “offensive” ideas are forbidden to be shared on campus, on the internet and at the workplace; the second way of achieving this is agitprop, media promotion of approved ideas such as from the FCC and “reeducation” are common methods. It is a no brainer that these strategies of the collectivists helped to change the identity of the people: by indoctrinating them into the exact same feeling pattern. Since everyone feels the same way about everything theoretically, they need to find some sort of outlet to make themselves special, thus we see the generation of special snowflakes.

Image result for not like other girls

I dream of the day when people will begin their statements with the most important word in the English language: I.



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