The Don Quixotes

Don Quixote was a fictional character created by  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the legendary novel El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha. The character was a romantic fiction writer who became mad (likely suffering from schizophrenia) after writing too many novels and believed himself to be a great knight fighting for justice and chivalry. His misadventures involved battling a windmill which he thought was a giant and imagining a servant girl as princess at an inn (attempted to rape her). Not only was he a danger to others, he was also a danger to himself as he liked to intervene with things that have nothing to do with him using violence. He did, however, suffered for his delusions and got what he deserved at the end of the story.

Don Quixote was originally written as a satire, but we are now seeing more Don Quixotes today who don’t actually have schizophrenia. Ayn Rand called them the comprachicos which means bought children in Spanish, but they have now evolved into a grotesque new form so I call them the Don Quixotes, because they are suffering from an insane delusion that prevents them from accepting the reality.

Case one: Equal opportunity without developing skills

Both civil rights movement and the second wave feminism called for equal opportunity for African American and woman in education and work force. However, both movements were redundant at the time. The Thirteenth (1865), Fourteenth (1868), Fifteenth (1870) and Nineteenth (1920) Amendments of the Constitution of United States have already safeguarded the rights of the “minorities” from being discriminated by the Federal State, yet redundant legislation called Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed solely to reinforce the Fourteenth Amendment as well as Article One of the Constitution. This involves the State acting as a Big Brother that prohibits private discrimination against individuals, Equal Pay Act of 1963 also falls under the same category of redundant legislation which prohibited the boogieman known as “gender wage gap”. Both legislation paved the road to the future Don Quixotes’ delusion (and entitlement) in their undignified ego, known as quota.

If anyone can be paid less for doing the same work, then the employers would need to suffer from competition that would severely disadvantaged them from others that would rather hire workers at a lower wage. Different people also have different performance and capacity for different labour types, it is not a wonder that there are more male construction workers and miners than female counterparts, women tend not to pursue such fields as their preference. Would it be discrimination if the miners get paid more than a librarian for having more workplace hazards, physical labour, licenses and longer working hours. As demonstrated in various examples (see Thomas Sowell’s bibliography), minorities like the Chinese (South East Asian genocides, poll tax, minimum wage laws), West Indians (slavery), Christian Lebanese (religious prosecution), Irish (indentured servants, religious wars), Jews (holocaust, exiles, etc), Armenians (genocide) and Japanese (internment camps) all suffered actual legislative discrimination as minorities in other countries. Though they all thrives despite the circumstances, even religious minorities like Coptic Christians in Egypt also thrives under Islam, it really cannot be blamed on simple racial discrimination when the act of discrimination has detrimental effects on the discriminators.

Case two: Quantifying the arbitrary

Even when they try to “educate” themselves, they don’t get the education that can lift them out of poverty, rather they victimise themselves to gain sympathy. This is the legacy of W. E. B. Du Bois (1868-1963), who unlike Booker T. Washington, sought to expand the victim-hood of the African Americans rather than letting them becoming thinking, independent, individuals. This strategy is used in most countries where the hard working groups are orchestrated for being hard workers, for instance, Chinese engineering graduates outnumbered Malay graduates by more than a hundred times (Sowell, 1998) but Malay liberal arts graduate outnumbered the Chinese graduate by 4 to 1. In United States, Chinese PhD in economics outnumbered Latino, African American and Native American combined. Despite suffering bullying in schools, difficulty in language and academic discrimination, Asians do relatively well in the American society (Sowell, 1990).

But the Don Quixotes often go up in arms about this perceived “discrimination” for their academic performance, even though already advantaged by the lowered standard compare to Asian and Caucasian counterparts, the Don Quixotes feel indignant for not excelling in their studies, especially when various courses like African drumming and dances  were created specifically for them to gain extra credits, it is a no brainier why they can’t seem to get out of poverty. It is arbitrary to quantify a PhD in victimology sociology with a PhD in astro-physics, these two subjects have intrinsically different values that cannot be measured. Instead of demanding for more segregation from the rest of the schools, the Don Quixotes should aim to bring more people into fields that will provide them prospects.

Case Three: Safe spaces are not safe

When I say the Don Quixotes demand segregation, I mean physical segregation. Safe space to hide from cognitive dissonance while continue to be coddled, univeristy can turn your young adults back into babies with a large sum of money. Not only is this practice harmful to the cognitive development of these people, it also insulates them from the reality where things will not always go their way. We have famous examples of Trigglypuff, Smugglypuff, AIDS Skrillex, Carl the Cuck, Banshee, Tyreese the Urban Zulu, Bahar MustafaChanty Binx/Big Red, Bonita Tindle, etc. These are only the infamous examples but the general trend is prevalent.

The Don Quixotes are especially loud whenever something doesn’t go their way. For instance, they love democracy, yet when the democracy works against them suddenly democracy they realised it is evil, yet they are too blinded by their own ignorance to see their contradictions.  As some said, behind every socialist there is a dictator dying to get out. So what can we learn from all these? The important take home message is that they are like comprachicos, they are not totally lost, rather it’s the lies and propaganda they’ve absorbed from an early age and the ignorance of history that created them. How do we save them? It’s simple, never give him to their demands, remember SJWs always double down. Eventually when no one pays them any attention their ego will falter and crumble, it is the same as when a child who learns his temper tantrum will not get what he wants, he will no longer throw tantrums. It’s time to bring the Don Quixotes home.




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