Water is a Resource

It pains me to even have to write about water but I saw the dumbest “meme” yesterday and behold all its glory:

Yes you heard it, apparently they rather let people die from dehydration than to produce drinkable water. First of all, the water had to be drawn from the ground which means it is not readily available without technological support, yet you hear these socialists and greenies saying water should be free. No, scare commodity has a price, without the water plants you wouldn’t have water in the first place. No one is stopping them from drinking directly from the river, so why aren’t they doing so? Precisely because they rather drink from treated water which, of course, has underlying cost.

Secondly, you have the nationalists saying that “We need to keep NZ water in NZ”, such as this sheer idiocy. The first thing they should know is that water travels, for instance from evaporation into atmosphere then becoming rainfall, the rainfall from high stream then travels down stream back into the ocean. Sometimes they may be trapped in lake and takes longer escape, regardless, they can also travel via organisms such as plants and animals. In any cases, the NZ water came from a varietal places for centuries or even aeon. Unless they could claim the water was on their private property, they have no more right to claim the “NZ water” than someone from China.

Clean water is not free and it never will be, all the crying and whining will not magically purify the water. The petulant babies should be glad someone is actually making more fresh water available for consumption than to let people die from the lack of it. But let’s be clear, their motive was never about sacrifice, it was a sacrifice for others and free water for themselves.



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