Against All Odds: Social Media and the Stoddard Temple

Howard Roark: “I don’t believe it matters to me—that they’re going to destroy it. Maybe it hurts so much that I don’t even know I’m hurt. But I don’t think so. If you want to carry it for my sake, don’t carry more than I do. I’m not capable of suffering completely. I never have. It goes only down to a certain point and then it stops. As long as there is that untouched point, it’s not really pain.”

Dominique Francon: “Where does it stop?”

Howard Roark: “Where I can think of nothing and feel nothing except that I designed that temple. I built it. Nothing else can seem very important.”

Dominique Francon: “You shouldn’t have built it. You shouldn’t have delivered it to the sort of thing they’re doing.”

Howard Roark: “That doesn’t matter. Not even that they’ll destroy it. Only that it had existed.”

-Chapter XII, The Fountainhead

Having your presence online is like building the Stoddard Temple. In The Fountainhead, the villain Ellsworth E. Toohey pressured naive businessman Hopton Stoddard into building the greatest building to honour God, the commission was given to Roark despite Stoddard’s protest. Toohey told Stoddard exactly what to say to make Roark agree to fall into the trap. While Stoddard goes overseas to find his mystical salvation, Roark gathered the talent of Steven Mallory to create a naked sculpture of Dominique Francon to represent perfection and Francon agreed.

When the temple was built, massive protests were held, everyone gathered next to it in New York, some were disgusted by the individualistic nature of the building while others admired secretly for the achievement. At the end, Stoddard sued Roark for the breach of contract and Toohey once again manipulated Stoddard (by telling him God is rejecting this shameful display) to transform the temple into an orphanage of Toohey’s grotesque experiment (read the aftermath here: Disability: Not the End of the Story).

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter all actively engage in censorship of opinions they don’t want to see while clearly promoting progressive agendas. Let’s look at Twitter first, Twitter had long history of censorship, from promoting ISIS to unverifying conservatives, more recently, it announced that it will create a “Trust and Safety council” (which Anita Sarkeesian a.k.a. Literally Who 2 is part of) to prevent “hate speech” on twitter, this leads to many outcry over its double standard such as making force inserts despite not trending and leaving real threats uncersored, more un-shockingly, allowing the monitoring of tweet by the police.

Youtube is also a bit hypocritical, despite the comment section mainly being controlled by Alt-Right and Libertarians, censorship is still persistent. For instance, Nicole Arbour’s Dear Fat People video was taken down after going viral because of… wait for it… fat shaming. It also asks for all the personal information before you sign up for an account, including mobile verification, making it one of the biggest Dox machine.

Now time for the boss battle- Facebook. It wasn’t the first time Zuckerberg was caught redhanded for censorship, as early as September 2015, story leaked about Zuckerberg talking to Merkel about censoring anti-invader posts on Facebook . That is only when it was exposed publicly. Facebook has been taking down pages making fun of SJWs such as Exposing Feminism, Anti Feminazi, Project Harpoon, and more recently, Stop Being a Pleb

CaptureIt doesn’t stop here, Facebook recently admitted it has a left wing bias, particularly in censoring cultural libertarians. Liars gonna lie, Zuckerberg also defended the trending bias despite evidence surface to indicate a women studies’ major is behind the hand picked trending topics. But there’s no turning back now, Facebook and other has just been exposed to signing deals with EU to delete hate speech within 24 hours. If you have your MySpace account, now is the time to switch is back on.

You may think having your account suspended is not a big deal right? The truth is you can even get arrested for “Hate Speech” on the internet, here are some examples:


Posting concerns


Criticizing monarch


Teaching Dog to Salute to Hitler

“Right-wing” speech

“Hate Speech”


“Discriminatory” Speech


Meme speech (I am running out of  adjectives for speeches).


Denying Holocaust

*All the while this actual racist scumbag walks free.*

Did I mention you could now be sent to concentration camp for “hate speech” online? You really can’t make this kind of totalitarianism up.


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