A Strong Woman is Not a Victim

Remember when Rand said she wouldn’t want a woman president? Well, in her essay About a Woman President she also stated that she would not want to have a woman to be the commander in chief. The left quickly goes brain-dead upon hearing this without hearing the explanation: It was never about the ability of woman to do her job, “Women are not inferior to men in ability or intelligence”, but it would be hard to imagine a woman not putting her familial duty first before her nation. Rand even described herself as a “male chauvinist” out of spite of the collectivists. But to objectivists, the views on the feminine sex is clear- it’s irrelevant.

Objectivism is a philosophy of the individual, all individuals shall make their own choices and accept the responsibility which comes with their choices. All individuals regardless of gender has the same right to own themselves! Rand supported abortion through logical reasoning (“a potential is not a reality”) rather than the “no uterus, no opinion” sentiment feminists are shrieking. She used strong, independent female characters in her novels such as Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged and Dominique Francon in The Fountainhead. When the push comes to shove, Rand stated that she would still vote for a female president (if she’s an objectivist). If she chooses not to have children (as Rand did) it is her choice, if she wants to work and have children, she may very well do so too. There’s nothing to stop a strong woman to become successful. Sadly, feminism today is a collectivist group of “victim-worship“. It spreads its myth like the Nazi propaganda, like a virus infecting productive individuals and turning them into ill parasites. But never fear! A new group of women are taking control to prove to everyone that they don’t need the victimhood to get ahead in life, they came, they saw and they conquered the traditionally male dominated field- Politics.

Alina Gorghiu – Romania, PNL

A lawyer and an economist, Gorghiu joined National Liberal Party in 2002, the party which advocated for both economic and social liberalism (deregulation of State religion, privatization, decentralization,etc). The success of the party led to the introduction of a 16% flat tax in Romania in 2004. PNL merged with PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) back in 2014 and together the party of roughly 35-40% of the national poll.[1] With luck, PNL might be the first libertarian party to gain a majority cabinet later in 2016.

Siv Jensen – Norway, FrP

Leader of the Norwegian Progress Party, Jensen has served as the Minister of Finance for 3 years. Being an economist, Jensen supports a classical liberal approach to her political views that wants less State and more individual freedom [2]. She’s also an outspoken opponent of Islam and Sharia law, particularly against the censorship of the Mohammed cartoon [3]. As with the invader crisis in Europe since 2015, the party is gaining more support in the national polling, potentially to beat the Conservative Party and take on the Labourites.

Corrinne Cahen – Luxembourg, ADR

A translator, journalist and manager of family business. Cahen made her political move in 2013 and became the leader of Democratic Party [4]. Democratic Party of Luxembourg however, is not entirely libertarian in principle as it advocates economic liberalism but with mixed focus on civil liberty to gain votes, though it is the best alternative in Luxembourg, certainly a lot better than most other countries in Europe [5].


Special Mentions:

Lauren Southern – Canada, Libertarian Party of Canada

Southern was a candidate for Libertarian Party of Canada in 2015, she attracted some criticism WITHIN her own party for factual criticism on feminism [6]. She now writes for the Rebel media on politics and culture. She is your professional provocateur against the cultural Marxists in Vancouver, some of her famous works includes protesting feminist events, protesting slut walks (with Milo Yiannopulous), using SJW logic against them. Follow her on Rebel here

Jennifer Anju Grossman – USA, Atlas Society 

Grossman was officially instated as the acting CEO of Atlas Society on March the 1st, 2016. A businesswoman and a liberty lover, Grossman started her own research institute for freer and better health of people. Grossman is also a philanthropist who worked to advance objectivism in every area of the American society [7].

Marianne Copenhaver – USA, Liberty.me

A campaign director for Rand Paul, Marianne Copenhaver aka “Libertarian Girl” is using her charm and wits to win over many internet users. Her outspoken personality and economic knowledge made her one of the most memorable advocate of your internet freedom.


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