Hatred of: the Truthful for Being the Truthful

The biggest lie still plaguing our world is the idea of “imperialism”. It was popularised by Lenin who claimed “Imperialism was the highest form of capitalism” in his work Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, a book based on fabricated lies to blame the failure of communism on others (Thomas Sowell has a beautiful summary of the fabrication in Conquest and Cultures and The Quest for Cosmic Justice). The idea was further developed by Said, a post-structuralist (read: nothing is real, everything is offensive) who claimed that Westerners cannot understand other cultures because they held preconceived notion about them due to being raised in an “imperialist” culture.

The lies and denials are still an everyday reality to the Marxists and racists. They have shifted their preoccupation with the “bourgeoisies” to “colonialists” (due to living comfortably in a mixed economy). Instead of openly demanding special privileges to themselves, they pretend to advocate for the “minorities” to bring about justice (for themselves).

Below are some of the common behaviours of this group of people:

  1. Cultural appropriation- this is the most common type of behaviour, the premise is that no one can use, wear, say, eat anything from another “culture” unless you are from that culture or… you are not Caucasian. Their logic: It is racist to make something exotic/oriental (legacy of Said) due to “perceived historical oppression/slavery/exploitation”.
  2. Racist- These are the most racist people for judging people based on their race, they would do anything to twist situations to suit their agenda (legacy of Lenin). Their logic: All the “white” people are overlords controlling the entire world while simultaneously are stupid and inbred. All the “coloured people people of colour” are dirty peasants while simultaneously destined to ruled the world.
  3. We wuz Kangs- As known as Afrocentrism, these people believe that the entire universe (even God) was invented by Africans. Their logic: Egyptians were and are Negroid despite there were Hellenistic dynasties of mixed Caucasian races. Famous people were all African, it’s just history books telling lies to us. Cleopetra was African, Shakespeare was African, Einstein was African, Bill Clinton is African, etc. Asian complains about white racists. Gets called out for same thing
  4. White people have no culture- Passive aggressive racists, their premise is similar to cultural appropriation except they also justify for their double standard by misconceptions. Their entire existence is based on feelings of inferiority. Their logic: Look at us, we are so diverse, all white people have are cowboy hats and Big Mac, did you know Chinese invented chow mein*? I bet you didn’t hahahaha. *Chow mein was invented by immigrants to America
  5. Apologists- Last but not the least, the people who want to support the lies but don’t have the credentials because of their skin colour. Their cognitive dissonance led them to become apologist for their perceived minorities despite not even requiring apologies. Their logic: My ancestors were so evil, too bad that makes me evil too, I will now atone for their sins so people will think I am so noble the poor PoCs can have more privileges.

The lies enabled the extortion of people’s products and the transferral of them to the dictatorships in third world countries; the lies enabled the violent riots to erupt in cities across the world; the lies enabled millions of lives to be lost to conflicts; the lies enabled the destruction of civilisations.

Now the lies are more bare-naked than ever before, the academia and media can no longer prevent the bubbles of lies from bursting. Only truth and truth along will survive while liars are busy covering their distorted reality.


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