Hatred of: the Beautiful for Being the Beautiful

If you tell a beautiful woman that she is beautiful, what have you given her? It’s no more than a fact and it has cost you nothing. But if you tell an ugly woman that she is beautiful, you offer her the great homage of corrupting the concept of beauty. To love a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She’s earned it, it’s a payment, not a gift. But to love her for her vices is a real gift, unearned and undeserved. To love her for her vices is to defile all virtue for her sake – and that is a real tribute of love, because you sacrifice your conscience, your reason, your integrity and your invaluable self-esteem.

One of the latest inventions by the intelligentsia is the so called Beauty Standard. What the phrase means is that there is a socially constructed societal agreement of which characteristics constitute as beautiful, and this is harmful to people because all beauty standards are unrealistic. Let that sink in for a moment, if there’s something so unreal that no one can obtain (well, their cognitive dissonance allows them to accept the fact that individuals are able to be beautiful) wouldn’t that mean nothing is in fact beautiful based on the standard of the society? So how come we still have (photoshopped, as they might think) models on sports and fashion magazines?

The root of their whining is their own inadequacy of becoming beautiful, thus they want to force other people to find what’s ugly (both inside and out) attractive. The most recent incidence to shed some light on the situation is the Sports Illustrated Scandal in which a land whale was selected to be featured in swimsuit on the front cover of the magazine in an attempt to boost sales for shock value. News agencies began to publish articles claiming how “brave” Graham (the obeast) is for posting in bikini, it’s the “future” of “plus sized” women to be included on magazines. Obviously backlash was immediately followed and the internet had a laugh about it; the whale shed some buttery tears and called the people who don’t like the glorification of obesity “fat shaming haters” 

Notice how the language is being changed too. Calling women sweetie, darling, cutie, etc is now offensive. The word fat is now offensive, having a beer belly is now called “dad bod” and it is glorified. Any fetishes of people should be considered as beautiful because reasonstheir censorship even went violent  because fee fee Fionas are unable to handle the truth. What’s beautiful to them is a complete inverse, they each race to be the ugliest, most obnoxious, disgusting beings in their own right: nose piercing making them look more like a cow than they already are, coloured armpits, neon hair dye (tips), mismatched clothing, uneven make up, unwashed


Now I am not solely criticising the physical beauty. The above quote by Lilian Rearden, one of Atlas Shrugged’s villainesses summarises the mentality of the people who expect others to love them for all their vices unconditionally without having earned it first. Take a look a Mess Tess Munster (now known as Tess Holiday) who is the embodiment of this mentality. She rose to prominence shortly after Fat Acceptance Movement (read: no movement at all) evolved to include flaunting their mayonnaise rolls to the public. GOTIS (girl on the internet syndrome) immediately praised her while the rest of the internet shunned her. Soon her notoriety increased to allow her to sign contract to an unknown company for “tarp modelling”. Adoring fats from all over the world drooled over her, eventually she decided she wasn’t making enough to pay for her grocery so she started a scamming business of taking people’s money and not producing product. This madness continues even till today.

How do we fight against this folie a deux? Not giving them a single attention, at the end of the day, attention is what they seek to acquire, by depriving them of attention, they will not be able to continue. In the name of Aphrodite, I pray that this inversion of reality would end soon.


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