What Can We Learn From Slovak Parliamentary Election 2016?

Slovakia held their 2016 parliamentary election on the 5th of March. The centre left party Direction- Social Democracy set out to win the election with their “anti-immigration” PM Robert Fico who has tried to gain votes by campaigning with the nationalism ticket, but the result of the election left the party with only 28.3% of the vote, losing 34 seats from the previous election in 2012. Other parties- Bridge (party for Hungarian minority) and Christian Democratic Movement (pro-Europeanism) both lost seats, with the latter  party not gaining the 5% threshold.[1]

Even better news is that Freedom and Solidarity party (liberal, introduced flat tax system and welfare reform[2]) regained their seats lost during the last election. Overall, the right won 90 seats out of 150 seats available, which means the Social Democrats will not be able to form a majority government.

The result has shocked everyone as the opinion poll had shown even more support for the Social Democrats than the actual outcome, so the first lesson we’ve learnt is that opinion polls and actual voter turn out are completely different, do not be discouraged by the polling agencies with agenda of their own. Now, the anarchists here may argue that voting the consent for the State to continue its tyranny but notice how they rejoiced when pro-freedom parties win votes, their not voting stance is easily debunked because whether they vote or not, they ultimately accept the coercion of the State regardless of result by continue to whine about the outcome which their irrational moral high-ground has contributed to. So the second lesson here is that voting or not voting is irrelevant, it’s about the ideology which you support. (For more elaborate explanation check out Anarcho Capitalist Murray Rothbard’s interview.

The foundation of philosophy within each political party is important in determining the outcome. Follow the European Invasion Crisis, every single party in Slovakia turned against immigration because it would be unwise to not be against the invasion despite it may contradict their ideology. The Social Democrat turned national socialist, while nationalists and real national socialists/fascists rose to power. So how come Social Democrat’s transformation didn’t work? Because that is not what they’ve supported in the past, people knew it’s just a ruse to gain support, thus their voters based also turned against them by shifting to the real national socialists. So the third lesson is that integrity cannot be bought overnight, it has to be earned consistently.

The changing cabinet of Slovakia will hopefully strengthen the border control to halt and even repair the past damages the invasion has inflicted upon Slovakia because of EU and Merkel. The fourth lesson is that we can always find hope in the worst kind of situations just like how Ayn Rand was able to escape Soviet Russia. However, the rise of national socialism in Slovakia (and other European countries as a response to the invasion) could also become a danger in the future, so the final lesson is that your enemy’s enemy is your friend, but when your enemy is defeated, watch out for your friend, e.g. Red Army vs White Army during Russian Civil War.

http://www.strana-sas.sk/ (Slovak)



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