Grinding Their Axes: The Terror of Feminism

In the brain of an anti-conceptual person, the process of integration is largely replaced by a process of association. What his subconscious stores and automatizes is not ideas, but an indiscriminate accumulation of sundry concretes, random facts, and unidentified feelings, piled into unlabeled mental file folders. This works, up to a certain point—i.e., so long as such a person deals with other persons whose folders are stuffed similarly, and thus no search through the entire filing system is ever required. Within such limits, the person can be active and willing to work hard….A person of this mentality may uphold some abstract principles or profess some intellectual convictions (without remembering where or how he picked them up). But if one asks him what he means by a given idea, he will not be able to answer. If one asks him the reasons of his convictions, one will discover that his convictions are a thin, fragile film floating over a vacuum, like an oil slick in empty space—and one will be shocked by the number of questions it had never occurred to him to ask.

This is Rand’s description for a person who is unable to exercise the basic operation of thinking. This is also a perfect description of feminism. Collectivism comes in many forms but feminism is one of the most dangerous manifestations infesting the Western world. As one of the only women in the field of philosophy, Rand has never associated herself with any labels other than being an Objectivist- a term of her own creation. If feminism is really about empowering the women yearning for individualism, why does Rand endorse the term? Essentially feminism’s premises are collective: women empowering other women by the enslavement of men and fellow women.

Peter Schwartz (a student of Ayn Rand for those who did not know) summarized the objectivist view of feminism in the essay titled Gender Tribalism. Collectivism in the form of feminism depict women as congenitally helpless, endlessly victimized creatures. Feminism requires government intervention to save women from getting “75%” of what a man would earn due to “glass ceiling” (based on no factual evidence, also violates economic reality). Feminism requires government to provide FREE day care centres so a woman can have a career despite having children is completely their choice. Feminism requires government to give women preference so they could get better jobs than men with the same qualification. Feminism requires government to censor materials deemed “degrading” to women because they cannot get self esteem otherwise. This is the basic function of feminism: reducing individual women to scum in order to advance an (selfish) ideology that advocates only through force could a woman become successful neurosurgeons, journalists, pilots, astronauts. Feminism declares women have no volition of their own, their actions are socially constructed for them that nothing of fault is their own, their own success on the other hand must be accredited to a collective because after all, an individual woman is controlled by the bogeyman called Patriarchy.

So who really victimizes women? Themselves of course. They invent new words to justify their anger such as “date rape” when they regret having intercourse with someone, “hegenomic masculinity” because they want their weakness to be validated, “mansplaining” because that’s the only way they could “womanunderstand”. Whenever, they feel “victimized” (read: irritated), you don’t see them better themselves to deal with their situation, rather they demand some divine intervention to bestow upon them because of magic, the so called divine intervention is always: government.

Because reality and facts are against them even when they call upon the politicians in shining armour, they grind their axes by inventing lies to protect themselves and distort reality: Rolling Stone’s rape story, Lena Dunham’s rape claim, Mattress Girl’s porn video, 1 in 4 claim, 79 cents per dollar, etc. Others didn’t even need to grind their axes, they set fire to the house: shirtgate, Kill All White Men Officer, Chairman Pao, etc.

Some people argue about the need of “feminism” in countries where women are treated as second class citizens (sometimes third class as goats could be more valuable than women). This is false, these women need individualism to truly achieve freedom, no government intervention could ever save them. Others argued that you can be an “individualist feminist”, again this is false. First of all the phrase is simply an oxymoron because feminism and individualism are antithesis; secondly, feminism is fundamentally engrained in collectivism, you can’t be free unless you are an individual and feminism doesn’t allow you to an individual.


But there is good news, the more feminists making fools of themselves and let their evil deeds become known, the better chance for people like you and I to defend against its authoritarian grasp. Twitter’s de-verification of Milo Yiannopolous lead to Milo gaining more momentum, its new Trust and Safety Council (where feminist frequency Anita Sarkeesian is a member) led to its plumbing stock price to go deeper. They want to censor video games? Bayonetta sales gone up. They want to censor internet? Voat thrived. They want to censor advertisement? Protein World makes 1 million in profit. They want to censor speech? They get therapy instead. Women being subjected to disturbing treatment outside of the West? Silence.

They can grind their axes all they want, as long as we do not give in, feminism shall be defeated-by women. I’d like to offer the closing statement by providing quotes from Thomas Sowell’s essay The Chicken Little Media:

Shrill activists in the feminist movement love to quote statistics that lump together everything from spats to homicide. For example, some statistics count a husband stomping out of the room as “emotional abuse”… How many wives stomp out of the room is apparently not known…The more militant feminists don’t even bother to twist facts. They just make them up. A few years ago, it was widely reported that great numbers of wives were battered on Super Bowl Sunday, when the men were supposedly feeling especially macho. The media ate it up, Only after a few brave souls dared to ask for the source of this information about Super Bowl Sunday did the story start to unravel and it became apparent that this whole thing was made up…

Remember, facts and reality are on your side, take the axes away from feminists and give them a dose of honesty.


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