Thinking about them? Review of: SJWs always lie

If the Art of War had a sequel, it would be SJWs Always Lie. Vox Day was a leader against the SJW assault in the science fiction field which began before Gamergate has started. SJWs Always Lie is the compilation of his dealings with SJWs in media, technology and literature.

The three laws of SJWS are:

  1. SJWs always lie– They lie to get what they want.
  2. SJWs always double down– When caught red handed, they lie even more.
  3. SJWs always project– When lies are exposed, they project their own convictions onto others.

These 3 laws are always used in every case, the 8 stages of attack are the following:

  1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative– e.g. “OMG, he said something not PC” (Despite being completely trivial).
  2. Point and Shriek– The legion of SJW army is summoned Invasion of the Body Snatcher style.
  3. Isolate and Swarm– Prevent target from getting support and amplifying the “significance” of the attack.
  4. Reject and Transform– Once target apologises, reject the apology and demonize the target even more by targeting character.
  5. Press and Surrender– Getting target to concede voluntarily, Atlas Shrugged Style.
  6. Appeal to Amenable Authority– Extend the problem to make authority take charge.
  7. Show Trial– Getting rid off all responsibilities by executing the target.
  8. Victory Parade, Ritual Display of Corpses– Ensure the target is always remembered for their “offensive” remarks through public shaming.

When SJWs do attack, the three things you must do first is to recognize you are being attacked, remain calm and realize no one cares. SJWs attacks are usually insignificant unless you react to them, so it’s best to not even engage them in the first place as they will never compromise unless their goals to destroy you is achieved. No matter what you do, don’t ever apologize, it makes them ever the angrier and their frustration with you come out in an immature form so that everyone could see. The best way to prevent a surprise it to be prepared for the worst scenario that could happen, but to prevent this from happening, make sure you start collecting evidence on SJWs themselves to protect yourself, especially prevent SJWs from using their usual advantages such as remaining anonymous, fear mongering, and most importantly: lying. Do not accept their demand, do not play nice and counter-attack rapidly.

Once you are no longer on the defensive, it’s time to strike:

  • Be honest about yourself is your weapon as SJWs always lie, as known as biting the bullet to prevent further attack.
  • Get rid off all SJWs whenever you discover them so that you don’t get into the above situation in the first place, as known as not providing platform.
  • Maintaining morale as SJWs generally have a lot of self esteem issues, make sure to let them know their attempts to attack you will never work.
  • Pointing out their lies with evidence and watch them make up more lies to justify their lies.
  • Get your pals to join in, you don’t have to agree with everything but as long as you have a common goal, as Day puts it: I rather have Roosh, an experience hardened veteran of many a public relations battle, at my back than a company of evangelical Christians who will burst into tears and flee as soon as the first barrage of “racist sexist homophobia” begins to land.
  • Picking your targets and focus on attacking them, taking down the literally whos is more effective and demoralising than SJW minions.
  • Keeping the moderate in check, moderates are more dangerous than SJWs as they back stab you rather quickly when pressured by SJWs.

Vox Day is a really good writer who not only makes you chuckle but gives you a hope on winning the cultural war against those who wishes to destroy everything good about the Western World. But reading SJWs Always Lie also make me understand Howard Roark’s quote better

I don’t think of you

What Rand really intended for this quote is to explain not wasting energy on “thinking” about your enemy, it’s a waste of time if you are concerned by their attacks as Toohey did to Roark. So how did Roark win at the end? By appealing to reason, Roark defended himself, just as Hank Rearden did in his trial. Don’t fall into the trap of engaging with them, but when you see an opportunity, be like Gail Wynand, fire away that Toohey you know and choose your allies closely as Dagny did.

Should you read this book? Yes, a million yes. Save yourselves, save the world; begin at knowing yourself, then you will know your enemy.



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