Rearden Metal: The Product of Freedom

Rearden metal is the creation of self-made millionaire magnate Hank Rearden, who slaved away in ore mine during his teenage years. His efforts paid off as he eventually bought the mine and began producing steels himself. After years of researching, he created a revolutionary alloy that is even better than conventional steel.

But the first thing he encountered with this new product was denouncement and fear, no one wanted to use his product because it would threaten the existing steel industry, except one person- Dagny Taggart. Together they created the John Galt line which astonished the entire nation making Rearden metal the most sought after product in the country. The success also caught the attention of the bureaucrats and competitors who were determined to get their hands on the secret formula to create the product of freedom.

Does this sound familiar? Microsoft, Apple, Zidovudine, Uber, alcohol, guns, cigarettes and all the good things have been regulated in the name of protecting the “public” from being harmed because people are stupid so let the government do the “thinking.”

When something is good, people will use it. As Howard Roark said

“I don’t intend to build to have clients, I intend to have clients in order to build.”

The motive for creation is profit (whether in material or psychological forms), profit leads to invention of great products to change the world: auto mobile, steamboat, washing machine and the very phone you are using daily. The motive is constantly under-attack by the collectivists because they are the most greedy people on the planet who believe the world should revolve around their every whim. Rational self interest is always at work, which is why the best way to teach liberty is through excellent products. Get out there and use your creativity to change the world!

Keep in mind of the cost of regulations:



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