Who is the Question: An Objectivist Superhero

Objectivism manifests itself everywhere whenever there is an objectivist around, comic book industry is not an exception either. The Question was created Steve Ditko, a devoted objectivist who co-created Spiderman with Stan Lee which later grew to become one of the most celebrated icons of Marvel comics.

Other than his creation of Marvel comic book characters like Doctor Strange or the Creeper, Ditko also created Mr. A (a tribute to Aristotle’s A is A), a crime fighting newspaper reporter wearing a steel mask and metal glove. His paraphernalia is a black and white card signalling the dichotomy of good and evil, there is not middle ground.


As time gone by, Mr. A evolved into The Question (A.K.A Victor Sage) for DC Comics which became more popular and accepted as part of the DC universe. His main focus is fighting the corruption in Hub City, his abilities includes acrobatics, expertise in hand to hand combat, genius-level intellect and omniscience. The Question had a Fountainhead-like arc in the 52 (a reshaping event in the DC universe) where he found his replacement Renee Montoya who shares his same sentiment, in the story arc, The Question dies from his terminal cancer and leaving Montoya to take up his identity.


The Question isn’t just a superhero in a comic book, it is a secret desire of us to be crime fighters to stop injustice and punish the evil doers. We don’t need masks or costumes, all we need is the initiative and the determination to do good. Check out this HBO documentary about real life superheroes who actually do make a difference to people’s life, they are the true vigilantes for a free society.

Update: Steve Ditko has passed away 29/06/2018, may him rest in peace. He will be missed as the creator of heroes in our hearts.




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