Brave New Sweden (And Europe) Part 6: Crime and the Future

Sweden continues to destroy itself with more disastrous policies. 1/3 of the applications to asylum were granted between 2010 and 2012, only 1/10 were of serious cases, rather, most cases were granted for protections (62%) and conventional reasons (25&). Migration Board’s annual report shown that 9/10 asylum seekers did not possess a passport at the time of application compared to early 2000s, which meant asylum fraud was increasing. The labour law change in 2010 allowed for employers to hire workers from third world countries, leading to increased human trafficking and fraud, Danish study in 2009 found 73 out of 120 invaders of those surveyed in the study were judged to be 18 years or older, similarly, Finnish study found 50 out of 83 to be older than 18 years old. Finnish reporter Merit Wager  found a Christian Iraqi faimly which the father claimed to have been tortured by saddam and wife claimed to be raped. But upon research, she found they were from Ainkawa, a Christian Enclave in Northern Iraq, never have set foot in Baghdad. They often travel back to Iraq, using the welfare money to build a bigger house. They have never worked in Sweden and when discovered, they could not deport the children, rendering the fraud unstoppable. Another similar case reported by Wager described an Iraqi family whose son learned sign language thus given him disabled status and could receive benefit despite living in Romania. Passport could be sold in some cases, in 2007, Finland reported 7,000 Finnish passport were “lost” annually.

Smuggling is also common in Sweden, according to estimate from the National Criminal investigation department, organized smuggling operation is behind 90 to 95% of all arriving in Sweden, mainly from Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and 91 to 96% of them do not have valid passport. Frontex (European Border Agency) reported that Turkey facilitated in smuggling as it opened up air travel for invaders from North Africa in 2011. The terrifying situation is evident as a caught smuggler Amir Heidari claimed to have smuggled at least 36,000 people into Sweden along, and 200,000 worldwide. Between 2010 and 2012, at least 310 cases of intentional assistance a foreigner to enter Sweden and 160 cases of profit from organized activities aimed at getting foreigners to travel to Sweden without a passport were reported. So how do the smugglers operate? Dutch researcher Ilse van Liempt found that loosely connected networks of moral or political agenda were able to sprout up because the nature of impromptu agenda (Ilse van Liempt 2007: Navigating Borders: Inside Perspectives on the Process of Human Smuggling. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press).

Fraud and invasion aside, crime rates were sky-rocketing. A 2000 report on youth who rob other youth discovered something shocking. Based on statistics of robberies reported in the 90s and a survey of 4,500 young people from 15 to 17 year olds. 90% of the perpetrators were male, about half of the crimes were committed in broad day light even when adults were around. According to the students, adults didn’t know what was happening and if they did, they chose to turn a blind eye. Targets were often Swedes who were perceived to be wealthy (Brårapporten, (2000). Rapporten handlar inte särskilt om invandrarungdomar men det framgår tydligt att utlandsfödda ungdomar” är starkt överrepresenterade bland rånarna, samtidigt som de är lika starkt underrepresenterade bland offren). Swedish Civil Contigencies reported the fall of 2012 that the number of landscaped car fires in 2011 was 1,246, compared to 380 in 1998 (the statistics do not show how many cars were burnt, but only the number of fire occasions, the total number of cars destroyed or damaged by other means were not reported).

As a shining beacon of progress, stories like this are no longer uncommon: A sunny summer Sunday in march 2012, a 61 year old dog owner was beaten by a gang of 5 to 7 immigrant youths. A doctor who treated the victim said in a police interview that he almost never seen such serious brain and head injuries after an assault. Witness account described the gang teased victim’s dog and he protested, they then shoved him and kicked him down in the empty water basin in the square. He fell backwards but remained alive. They continued kicking him as he laid on the concrete. Consequentially, the victim was in a 2 month coma and had severe injuries that permanently made one of his eyes impaired, as well as leaving aphasia and memory lost. Only 2 perpetrators were arrested, they denied the attack and accused the victim for being aggressive so they had to defend themselves (the victim was sickly). Yet, when media reported the story, they made sure to include sympathy for the “young people who are stuck in a unfair yarn”. Another reporter, Peter Linnaeus wrote: “The little 15 year old had come to the court alone, without parents or other relatives”. Guess how the court responded: 70 hours of community service for one boy and 100 hours of community service for the other. The damage of 130,777 crowns were paid to the victim by the State.

Watch your head foundation reported in 2013 the cost of violence perpetrated in public spaces as the following:

  • Mugging- 226,000 crowns
  • “Moderate” abuse- 203,000 crowns
  • When criminals run a debt- 123,000 crowns
  • To permanently cripple a victim- 50,000,000 crowns

Malmö is one of Sweden’s most crime infected municipalities. Over 59,000 crimes were committed in Malmö alone, it was estimated that 21,382 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants were conducted in 2009, making it the second city with the highest crime rate, only just behind Stockholm. Norra Grängesbergsgatan in Malmö has become an unofficial centre for african commerce and crime. The street is home to several african clubs and shootings were common. In June 2011, Malmö police took action to completely close the street of traffic at night in hope to stop crime in Norra Grängesbergsgatan. Many of the African criminal organisations also received municipal grants under the guise of “ethnic associations”

The worst aspect in Norra Grängesbergsgatan is not just the African gangs, crimes against Jews received the most media attention, especially homicides on the street. In 2010, more than 70 shootings in which one was killed and 34 people were injured. In 2011, there were 50 shootings with 6 killed and 14 injured. As of February 2012, there were 5 shootings with 3 killed and 3 injured.

A similar pattern is observed in Denmark too. Statistics Denmark found non native boys were twice more likely to become criminal than Danes, nearly 8% of non native under 20 males were convicted of crime in 2010. While Danish boys’ crime rate went down from 4.1% in 2007 to 3.5% in 2010, non native boys ‘ crime rate gone up from 6.6 to 7.7%. Non-native boys now account for at least 30% of the age group.

Of all crimes, rape is perhaps the most heinous. Survey of Crime Prevention Council in 1996 based on data from 1985-1989 found the offense which non-natives are most overrepresented was rape:

  • 9/100,00 non natives compared to 2/10,000 Swedes were registered for rape.
  • No variation between non-native groups.
  • Worst groups in order were: Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisia followed by Italian and Iraqi. People from Asian countries were very unlikely to committ crime; the above group accounted for 16% of all reported crime despite only being 9% of the total population, non native children account for 13% of the reported offences.

More than half of the convicted could not speak Swedish, serial rapists’ descents were downplayed by media, such as the “Södertörns” libyan in Stockholm and Somalian Sneak Comforter in Gothernburg. Norwegian State television NRK reported that all 41 cases of rape between 2009 and 2011 were committed by non-Western men, almost ll victims were ethnically Norwegian women. Conservative estimate shows 83 out of 86 rapes  outside of Oslo between 2008 and 2012 were committed by non-Western men.

An Average rape case in Sweden goes like this: A woman in Sundbyberg was raped by 5 men on 13/01/2013, they attacked her from behind and raped her on the street. Swedish newspaper reported the abuse and the announcement that police have arrested the rapists but they could not report the description because it may be offensive and reinforcing a negative stereotype.

You’d think the feminist would jump right in and condemn the rape right? You are wrong. National Organisation for Women’s and Girls’ Shelters in Sweden in a press release claimed that honour killing is a patriarchal culture which dominates all society, including Sweden. Other progressives bafoons like Johansson (see older posts) also supported honour killing and called their critic “cultural racist” which has the following definition: “It follows the sample principles as the biological racism and the many ways it becomes the acceptable or respectable way to bring about racist arguments and opinions, such as that ‘Moslems have difficulty working under women managers because of their culture’ or ‘Gypsy, Albanian Kosovars, etc., have a cultural tendency to steal.’ Therefore culture fills the same function as biology, religion or science to express racist discourses.” (sorry about the headache I’ve just given you because of such stupidity).

It is estimated that in 2004 alone, 1,500 girls were under threats and honour related violence. Kickis Åhré Älgamo considers the tenfold figure were more credible. She wrote in 05/07/2007 that together with vice mayor Ulf Krister Petersson of Stockholm,  they wanted to put the foot down and highlight that Swedish law prevail when it comes to honour related crime (forced marriage, invasion of privacy, captivity, etc).


Sweden is a country of progress alright, its experiments are warning to others (no one wants to become the rape capital of the World right?). It’s never too late to start a revolution that could save a once great empire, all it takes is to be informed and inform others. Knowledge is power.















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