King of the Hills and The Problem With Nepotism

“That’s What She Said” was the episode of King of the Hills which scarred me for life. I watched it in a dark stormy night in 2007 all by myself, I didn’t understand the humour but I knew what I was watching was about to give me nightmares. (Not that scary once I am all grown up and watched it a second time of course).

The synopsis of “That’s What She Said” is about a new employee, Rich who was being grossly (and physically) offensive to everyone at work, Hank wanted to intervene but because Rich was Buck (Hank’s boss’) nephew, everyone was afraid to say anything otherwise. Eventually everyone got so scared of Rich that no one in the office could do their work. Joe Jack (another employee) began to choke and no one could help him because they were too afraid, Rich even scared a customer away in the process. Finally Hank had enough and intervened, it was then revealed even Buck hated Rich’s jokes and got him fired. Everyone was able to have a nice BBQ without fear.

Nepotism is found in all sorts of different settings, what is bad about it? In general, it distorts the market to decrease the productivity and the morale of the work place. I am not saying having contacts in the industry is a bad thing, if you are good and you have connections with people to get advantages in a job, that is perfectly understandable (e.g. Dagny Taggart). But when you are incompetent, it becomes clear that you are only in your position because you knew people and you are bound to fail (e.g. James Taggart).

Speaking out against injustice can be hard, but with the power of propane and propane accessories (that is, reason), you can dispel the spell of moochers! 


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