Brave New Sweden Part 5: Everything is Racist

Sweden alone received 60 per cent of all asylum seekers in the Nordic and Baltic countries- ten times more than Finland and eight times more than Denmark in 2012 (the percentage has since increased). 2012 came 2,657 such “children” to Sweden, of which 82 per cent were granted asylum. No other country is near these numbers. The second largest recipient in Europe- United Kingdom has only received 1,277 of these “children”. Employment Service statistics show that over 60 percent of the newly arrived refugees and their relatives have a maximum of lower secondary education (maximum means majority are even lower). More shockingly, Sweden received over 1000 refugees per week from Iraqi war. To destroy the narrative, Zulmay Afzali- immigrant himself concerned about the validity of majority of refugees who have lied about their sob stories. He himself had to go through application and supplied all evidence in 2010.

According to Tino Sanandaji, an economist who worked at the Institute for Industrial Economics, the proportion of Swedish-born parents aged 20-65 who are not gainfully employed in 2011 was around 15 percent. The proportion of overseas immigrants of the same age who are not gainfully employed was around 50 percent, thus a considerably higher figure, and a slight increase from the year 2007. Sanandaji measured that to maintain the high welfare state, it needs at least 80% of the adults in work force. But the Politicians and the media love to talk about Sweden having an “employment gap” of 11 per cent between foreign and native-born, yet when we look at the samples they used, the lie is destroyed: The estimated improbable age range from 15-74 years,  it is also enough for them to classify having 1 hour of work per week to count as being employed. Would you measure employment. As soon as you reduce the age range to between 25-64, the difference is changed to 27%. Not to mention immigration (which is supposed to be beneficial to the economy in a libertarian situation) costs $40 billion Euro each year for Sweden, other liberal calculation estimated the cost could be as large as triple digit billion Euro.

Indoctrination of children started in 1950, as of now, the Living History Forum (a website dedicated to indoctrination) includes “islamophobia” alongside Holocaust and Communism. Youth Boards were given fund to combat “anti-immigrant propaganda” and more funding were allocated to schools to combat “xenophobia”. Erik Ullenhags from Social Democrats even said “everyday racism” is “det största hotet” the greatest threat. As a result, a program was initiated to train 20,000 teachers in 5 years for a 15 credit program in high schools to learn about “multiculturalism”. So what exactly is “everyday racism”? Bengt Westerberg from Liberal People’s Party (oxymoronic because it does not support freedom) claimed that asking a taxi driver where he came from IS racism, making the accusation of racism comparable to Stalin trials in the late 30s. Pro-immigration stance in Sweden was shaped by the champagne socialist student intelligentsia since the 1969, when Aliens Act derived from 1967’s program to gullibly let workers (predominantly from Southern and Eastern Europe) get full citizenship instead of being a guest, the main objective the Act had was to replace the word from “alien” to “immigrant”.

Recession in the 70s changes from working immigrants to people applying to be refugees, the reason for the change is because these people are unable to work. The threat of being a racist is still among Swedes. Interests groups urged people to see it “Through the refugee eyes”. Media (as controlled by the State monopoly) would never attack the Statesmen to prevent the public from independent thinking. As a clear result, a stream of investigations and measures were imposed comparable to witch hunt: discrimination investigation, heritage investigation, the expert group, immigrant research, Swedish for Immigrants Committee, Voting Rights Committee, Citizenship Committee. At least 7,000 teachers were created to teach immigrants Swedish, there were a combination of more than 4,000 immigrant psychologists (what), immigrant counsellors and immigrant journalists (what).

The indoctrination attempt for pro-immigration views in the public began to wear off. 1981-1982 saw a series of hostile attacks on immigrants but the media actually denied the attacks by claiming it’s not the majority of Swedes’ opinion (that is, including attacks on Jews by Moslems). The Skåne party (a racist organisation) actually was able to receive 5 regular council seats and 3 alternate members in the 1985 municipal elections in Malmö (the reason for this will be explored in the next part of the series). A significant event happened in 1991 where a serial attempted killer and bank robber dubbed “The Laser Man” was targeting the immigrants and the public decline in their support for refugees rapidly. More recently, a brawl involving 150-200 (moslems) broke out in Skåne and the media blamed “failed integration” despite no one buying their lies any more.

News repeatedly speak of “mass deportation” or “mass deportation” in cases where between thirty and one hundred Iraqis deported from Sweden after having received rejection of all instances on their asylum applications. However, the word “mass immigration” is never used in the immigration context. The concept is more relevant where, for example, 19,000 Iraqis granted asylum in 2007, or when nearly 200,000 Asylum migrants and families of different groups is expected to apply to stay in Sweden in 2012 and in 2013. Despite the fact that over a million residence permit (most permanent) were granted from the turn of the century until 2012.

Journalist Helena Giertta thinks that there is an intentional measurement error behind SOM (Samhälle Opinion Medier)- Institute’s performance in 2012 which shows that journalists have a bottom low confidence among the public, 64% of Swedish people agreed with the statement: “Swedish media is not telling the truth about social problems associated with immigration”. When it comes to trust in journalist in the same report, the figure was as low as 23%, this puts journalists in the bottom of the list of the professions institute measures, even below the trust of politicians and economist, which they have 30% and 29% respectively.

You may be thinking the gig is up, but nope.

  • Helena Edlund, a priestess and an independent journalist, wrote an article for Christians to not conform to moslems, gets attacked and called racist despite no moslem was offended.
  • Lars O. Ericsson, an art critic, was attacked for allowing a Mohammed cartoon to be displayed on newspaper.
  • Janne Gunnarsson, a former tennis player was branded as a racist for stating: “The money is not enough when we’ll give 27,000 newly arrived Somalis benefits” which received much backlash from the media but support from blogosphere

Even Tin Tin was not immune from being called racist. Tin Tin in the Congo was taken up in a Belgian Court for depiction of racist stereotype of African people (it was acquitted however). Tin Tin in the Congo is now banned in Sweden thanks to Tin Tin-gate

To continue propagating the lies, you need liars. Stefan Jonsson, who since 2011 is the Professor of ethnicity in Remeso, an institute for research on migration, ethnic relations and society at Linköping University (what). Jonsson is a first ranked pseudo-scientist with his political agenda. He thinks, acts and expresses himself as a political activist who invented “post-colonial” theories (for those of you who are lucky enough to never heard of the term, it means a racist society) which he professes is about “making visisble and dissolve centuries of white, male, colonial, European uniqueness mindset and dismantle barriers still exlcoding people with the ‘wrong’ colour, descent, and gender” (sorry to give you a headache reading this). Lena Andersson notes in a polemic tone with Stefan Jonsson that the post-colonial paradox is that the followers “deconstruct” (it means to ignore reality) everything at home but nothing aboard. She criticized Jonsson’s use of the thong as a symbol of women’s lack of freedom and sexualization down the last fibre as well as plastic surgery, heteronormativity, underwear and the whole neurotic presentation of the female body as problematic (what). But why didn’t he include the deconstruction to niqab, honour killing, genital mutilation, forced marriage and the neurotic concealment of the female body, instead naming any criticism as xenophobia, islamophobia or forced Western Standard (Yes, infighting).

Even trying to appease the foreigners can be considered as racist. Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth on April 19, 2012 attended the celebration of World Art Day, organized by Artists Organization KRO in the Modern Art Museum. The artist Makode Linde baked a big cake in the shape of a tribal black woman. The Minister unwittingly cut the cake under the encouragement of the artist. No good deed goes unpunished, the African Swedish National Association (what) criticized the cake as racist despite the artist claimed it symbolized slavery and oppression (what). Jonsson saw the opportunity and attacked the Minister saying she should have refrained from cutting the cake because it’s similar to white people defiling dark bodies in wars (what).

Russian Scholar Staffan Skott has criticized Jonsson’s description of the history of communism as offensive because he belittled communism’s crime against humanity. The only real concerned for Jonsson regarding communism was when Stalin murdered Trotsky and thousands of others on the pretext that they betrayed communism. Despite at least 9 digits number can be traced to the people died under communism.

If Sweden is so racist then why would people from Asia and Africa seek to be exposed to “structural discriminations”? Why would the victims of racism bring their relatives over to suffer more racism? The answer is simple: Welfare. Sweden has a treasury of no treasures inside, as of December 30th 2015, the national debt was 1344 billion which meant that every residents of Sweden were part of the debt with 136,743 Korna.

The Political correct stance taken by Sweden has other impacts: the international survey conducted every 3 years. It measures reading comprehension and knowledges in maths and science for 15 year old. Sweden was ranked 21 in 2009 out of 34 OECD countries, as of 2012, Sweden is ranked 38 out of 64 countries, being the lowest in Scandinavia and lower than Russia and former Soviet Russian states. All of the performances were statistically significantly below OECD average. However, when adjusted without the migration background, the 2009 result had better results (Ladda ned Skolverkets rapport ”Rustad att möta framtiden”, 2010). Studies on differences in educational attainment also found 90% of Swedish students in 2011 had secondary competence after grade 9 whereas those outside of EU had only 44% (mainly achieved from the East Asian migrants) which was a clear deterioration from 63.8% in 2000.

To Summarize the insane mentality of the Swedish authorities, we’ll look at Green Party’s migration policy in 2012 under the name: “The Swedish Dream”.

  • More should be allowed to stay. The Green Party has a vision of a world without borders, where everyone has the ability to move but no one is forced to flee (That sounds good so far).
  • It should be easy to come to Sweden. More legal ways to enter the EU should be created for asylum seekers (Nope).
  • Dependent immigration expanded
  • Supply requirement for family reunification is to be abolished (Oh God).
  • The opportunity to pursue discrimination cases trough the courts expanded. A fund should be set up which individuals and organizations can apply for funding to pursue discrimination cases in court (read on if you wish to torture yourself).
  • The Green Party wants a special effort from the State authorities to combat discrimination and strengthen the position in society of national minorities, especially Afro-Swedes and Moslems. Children’s own ground for asylum should be examined separately and no municipality should be able to refuse to take unaccompanied arrivals.
  • Sweden should stop returning unaccompanied children to countries such as Italy and Malta, where children at risk of suffering
  • The provision on “particularly distressing circumstances” should be used less strictly so that for example, seriously ill people can stay in Sweden.
  • Care should be given to all on equal terms (i.e. also illegals).
  • The undocumented (political newspeak for illegal immigrants) rights must be strengthened, among other things, they are given care without restrictions.
  • Asylum seekers should be able to apply for work permit without having to leave Sweden.
  • All municipalities should offer subject teaching in mother tongue for newcomers.
  • Everyone who comes to Sweden newly should get a good start based on the individuals’s different needs and circumstances.
  • Abolish the tuition fees that the government has put in place for international students.
  • The school’s ability to work against racism and discrimination must be strengthened.
  • The primary regulation is a restriction that says that students have the right to mother tongue education at most seven years. Students who wish to deepen their knowledge of the mother tongue even after studying it for seven years may be permitted.
  • Immigrants must be in contact with the authorities have the right to use the best language they have.
  • The Green Party wants to introduce the same security- employment security for those who is ill, unemployed or in need of income support. The compensation shall be equal whether you are sick or unemployed.
  • Increased financial support to the clinics around the country that gives torture claims handling and help war-wounded.
  • Daily allowance to asylum seekers should be raised.
  • Refugees who live hidden in Sweden should be given a chance to stay in Sweden legally. Anyone who is not guilty of serious crimes and lived her for a long time without the expulsion or rejection must be granted asylum.
  • Special support for immigrants who wish to establish business in rural areas.
  • Special support for immigrants who want to start businesses in non-traditional sectors- outside the restaurants and more.
  • The fact that a family has many children or only have income through various contributions, is not an objection for  claims on rent guarantees or sureties.
  • Anyone who comes to Sweden without having a residency here is to be offered such after residence permit. The home owners should be deny the politicians demand.
  • Those who choose their own accommodation will receive a rent payment equal to the cost of what it costs to stay  at the Migration Board’s accommodation facility.
  • Micro-credit for businesses that are started by newly arrived “Swedes”.

    In the shocking finale, we will be looking at Brave New Europe and Crime. Stay tuned.


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