Brave New Sweden, Part 3: “Indocducation” and the “Unhealthy Reform”

Agitprop derives from the words: Agitation and Propaganda, not surprisingly it is of Russian origin as it describes the pop art propaganda techniques used by the communist regime. In Sweden, agitprop is the duty of ABF- Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (Worker’s Education Association), famously, ABF conducts study circles which consists of a small group circling around a leader as the antithesis of a normal teacher to students setting. The reason for the circling setting is to induce a sense of “community” because it symbolises equality, effectively, the “teacher” doesn’t have to impart knowledge, rather just ensuring the discussion is running smoothly. the circling setting is also used outside of Sweden in various educational institutions, particularly in courses which aims to “develop critical thinking skills.”

Obviously ABF is supported politically by the Social Democrats. For the 1970 election, ABF conducted a heavily charged campaign to turn everything into “equality” to fit the SD slogan “More equality for a society with more justice”. The Swedish fear to cause controversy is also well used by the propagandists. As Huntford described, a communist speaker at an Landsorganisationen (Central organisation of Worker’s Union) demanded a 15% pay right despite LO said 5% is enough, another member went up to the podium and said “I have been to a study circle and I can see that 5% is enough.”

To ABF, knowledge (or the control of knowledge) is power, since the creation in 1912, ABF established night classes to teach workers how to see themselves as deserving more than they should, such as being able to read the balance sheet to demand higher wages. Not so shockingly, ABF exists in every town, as of 2008, it received 469 million kronor in State financing. [1] Despite such large expenditure to create the left and social democrat voters, it has been under no public scrutiny.

Aside from the ABF, other educational organizations are equally as controlling

Early and Primary Education: Ingvar Carlsson from social democrat said “It is necessary to socilize children at an early age…They will develop the social function of human beings and teach children how to be togeter. They have to learn solidarity with each other, and how to cooperate, not compete with each other.” The only times that children are able to question authority is to question teachers, employers and parents (but not the politicians and union leaders). Essentially this became a rejection for the perceived masters but jumping right into the real masters holding them back. Ironically, children were taught to resist the “propaganda” and “mass media”, they meant business reviews or private communicators, institution of the State and the corporate organizations are exempt from suspicion. Not only were schools actively indoctrinating pupils, they were sexist too. Compulsory pre-school training was established to force both parents out to get a career because economically speaking, it would be a waste of education if women went through all the schooling just to stay at home. There is another motive behind this strategy which shall be discussed in the next part.

Secondary Education: To each according to his need is the motto of the schooling in Sweden, talented children are neglected by the teachers who were specifically taught to focus on the less gifted. At times, schools would even handicap the talented students to ensure a sense of equality is established. Text books were rigorously controlled. Olof Palme (former Prime Minister) spoke of the importance of censorship of opposing view point by claiming a book containing non-socialist passages as “not been investigated by the textbooks commission”. State owned publishing houses were established to ensure the correct ideology is being taught at schools of all levels.

Higher Education: Universities are monopoly of the State. Professors are appointed by the State, curricula is likewise controlled. Curricula is designed in a way that ensure the graduates would turn out to be acceptable by the Swedish public, for instance, economics is taught so that the only economy acceptable is the mixed Swedish economy. Sweden is presented in such way that it appears to be no different to the Capitalist West and the Communist East, a social democrat Camilla Odhnoff remarked that “I don’t see anything special about Florence, or Paris or Rome, I feel more at home in Prague and Warsaw and Sofia. They are just as important.” Unlike the Western universities where students can explore their options in the first year, Swedes have to specialize in their first year to prepare themselves for a profession approved by the labour market directorate.

Sweden’s economy has been stagnated through and through, the public debt is 39% of the GDP (and increasing) with 38% as State debt, the unemployment rate is about 7% [2] with various measures used to attempt decrease this rate (working 1 hour a week counts as being employed, the suggestion of 6 hour work day by unions). As of now, taxation counts toward over 40% of the GDP. [3].

Under the guise of the nice welfare state, it was the special brand of slavery Brave New World had to sustain the delusion of happiness. The State pension scheme requires a person to have worked at least 30 years in his life time for the full benefit, then it takes 2/3 of the man’s average weekly income for the pension. Pension scheme is compulsory so that the worker is required to pay for a contribution annually to the scheme, that is roughly 34.5 percent of your income which is completely out of a sound proportion for a normal insurance scheme, no wonder the theft tax revenue is so high! [4] The trust for the old age pension scheme is also taxable thus the government is about to make more profit this way in the name of social welfare, and the government unashamedly owns half of the capital market. Despite the fact that the fund is not technically under the control of the government, the executive boards are controlled with low intensity, thus acquiring influences independent of the Diet through corporatism.

Banks are particularly perturbed too, bankers are afraid to oppose the tyranny of the government while oppositional politicians watch in fear. Ironically, the Swedish materialism lies in the fact that they would be economically ignorant in order to maintain their materialistic entourage. Healthcare is equally perturbed. The “reform” in the 1970s prohibited doctors from attending private practices, the subsidy of public sector professionals made the private sector unattractive and new doctors were forced into public employment to further brainwash them into the collective thinking/socialized medicine that do not provide as good of a service as private practice could.

*Above post is a summary of The New Totalitarians by Roland Huntford (1971), you can find the book here:


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