Battle Earth 2015: Your rights end where my feelings begin

This is just a brief summary of the ever more common news stories about the censoring of anything that could “offend” people. What prompt me to write this post is the recent wave of censorship on various campuses to silence anything the progressives disagree with because it might make them butthurt offend them, not just on campus but social media and politicians were also facing prosecution for saying things not politically correct. At the same time, the promotion of emotions over rationality is ever so common.

Let’s began by looking at the case I found today: University of Warwick student union has banned an ex-moslem from speaking against the cult of Islam, why? Because they fear it might offend moslem students, well boo hoo. If your ideology is so weak that you require force to silence anyone speaking against it then you deserve to be offended. What’s more shocking is the inconsistency in the progressive thinking process: You can only criticize Christianity, but criticizing any other religion makes you a racist (despite Islam, Buddhism, etc are not a race). Critics like Richard Dawkins and Pamela Geller have been constantly exposing the atrocities this cult have been committing yet they are always silenced to protect other people’s feelings.

Another thing the progressive are trying to ban are words they don’t like. This is exemplified in the case of University of North Carolina discouraging using words containing “man”. Yup, that’s right, apparently using words like “fireman”, “policeman”, “mailman” is sexist (despite the term man actually is neutral). This is just one of the many examples regarding the feminazi propaganda to create their fascist utopia under the guise of equality. Recently they also started a hashtag campaign called masculinity so fragile by laughing and ridiculing men being abused or living under hardship, but if femininity is so strong why do they need Safe Space, Colouring Books and Cookies to stop themselves from facing reality “microaggression” (See more examples at Encyclopedia Dramatica. For argument sake, see Bahar MustafaAdria RichardsMelody Hensley, etc).

Not only words can hurt them but we can hurt them just by being ourselves! Thin Models are oppressing landwhales,yes, being thin, beautiful and happy is now oppressing the hambeasts. First of all, we are evolutionary selected to prefer mates with good symmetry and body composition, why? Because it indicates they are healthy specimen to reproduce strong offspring to pass on their genes. But what these people are trying to do is to unapologetically destroy human race for their own laziness and lack of self-control (cue in the “muh genetics” argument from angry obeasts). Secondly, no matter what you say, you are unhealthy, being obese is unhealthy and yes we can judge you solely on your FUPA and rolls because a healthy person simply would not have those disgusting features. God forbid anyone from speaking the truth for the sake of “not hurting their feelings”. Nicole Arbour made a video to speak out against this atrocity but all she got was threat and abuse from these so called feminist who actually abused her more than any man would ever do, she even was abused by cackling hens from a dark dark talk show called the View (people actually watch this junk?). And finally, internet forum even declared war on free speech against obesity, so yeah, well done chairman Pao fascists, you just made yourself look even more stupid.

So yeah, Winston Churchhill’s prediction that one day, anti-fascists would be called fascists can never be any more truer than what we are seeing today. Anyway, these are just some examples of various attempts these fascists try to impose on us, at the same time, international organizations such as the citadel of hypocrisy  United Nations are invited celebrities such as Shakira to talk about refugee crisis as if she understands anything political or the “literally whos” (The world’s greatest con artist Anita Sarkeesian and five guys Zoe Quinn from Gamergate) were invited to a panel to speak out against CYBERVIOLENCE!!!

The future is the choices you make today, never give up on the fight against censorship! Good premises!


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