“Psychologizing”: A New Age of Mental Disorders

Ayn Rand has written about what she coined “Psychologizing” as a problem in everyday life rather than in the field of psychology. She wrote a detailed article in her essay titled ‘The Psychology of ‘Psychologizing'”:

Psychologizing consists in condemning or excusing specific individuals on the grounds of their psychological problems, real or invented, in the absence of or contrary to factual evidence.

Armed with a smattering, not of knowledge, but of undigested slogans, they rush, unsolicited, to diagnose the problems of their friends and acquaintances. Pretentiousness and presumptuousness are the psychologizer’s invariable characteristics: he not merely invades the privacy of his victims’ minds, he claims to understand their minds better than they do, to know more than they do about their own motives. With reckless irresponsibility, which an old-fashioned mystic oracle would hesitate to match, he ascribes to his victims any motivation that suits his purpose, ignoring their denials. Since he is dealing with the great “unknowable”—which used to be life after death or extrasensory perception, but is now man’s subconscious—all rules of evidence, logic and proof are suspended, and anything goes (which is what attracts him to his racket).

As you can see, Rand has predicted such trend before it even began. The fascist boat has gone full circle and the social justice warriors are now diagnosing themselves with any common mental disorders they could find e.g. anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorders, psychoses, etc. The more shocking fact is that they don’t even think their made up illnesses would be debilitating, rather they wear them as badges of honour!

The worst part is that they think by labelling themselves as mentally ill, it would grant them special victim status, deserve special privileges or justify any horrible things they could do. For instance, they could justify their failure to obtain a good grade on depression, criticism on panic attacks, nasty comments on anti-social personality disorder, laziness on borderline personality disorder. The list goes on and on.

Anything they dislike would be called a “trigger” (e.g. grapefruit or something really ridiculous), as oppose to real triggers faced by people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Fear is a motor response generated through sensory cortices that trigger amygdala with memory and release neurotransmitters into the blood stream). They pat each other on the back and censor each other over these “triggers”, however, with nearly everything being “triggers”, it is not uncommon to see a lot of fighting amongst themselves over “triggering” each other.

The psychologizers are invading again in every way possible to provide special privilege for themselves. Beware. But how can you deal with them? Below are some simple arguments to make them implode:

  1. If you had had real mental illnesses, use it and talk about how you have overcome the real problem.
  2. Talk about horrifying things  you had to deal with as oppose to things like peeling a banana.
  3. Outlist them with mental disorders you have, if they question you, tell them to check their privilege and stop invalidating your experiences.

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