The Anti-Reason Generation

For those of you who don’t know what Social Justice Warriors (SJWs for short) are you can find out more here or go on to cancerous  Tumblr / Jezebel / Huffington Post / New York Times / Salon / Elitedaily / Everyday Feminism / Lizzy the Lezzy/ The Guardian / Buzzfeed / Gawker, etc. For the people who are familiar with this group of whiny fascist terrorists, we have all seen the game of replacing nouns in SJW rants to Jews and watch the similarity of the aftermath with National Socialism unfold.

Below are just some of the comparisons of Hitler with SJWs’ rhetoric:

-Hitler was a revolutionary: He despised the bourgeoisie, traditionalists, aristocrats, monarchists, and all believers in the established order.

-Hitler was obsessed with race just like the the SJW’s obsession of ethnic people despite having no factual claims at all.

-Hitler rejected rationalism by placing ideas on subjective whims just like the SJW’s obsession with “validated experiences”.

-Hitler was resentful of the past harm/perceived harm from others (communists in WWI, Jews, weak politicians) just like the SJW’s hatred of Caucasians, wealthy people, men, heterosexuals, normal people, fit people, etc. Which are all based on delusions.

-Hitler wanted to eventually force everyone to be vegetarian, to exercise and to eat healthy just like the SJW’s crusade against anything they dislike or do not conform to their world view through banning.


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