Why Prehistoric Ireland Was NOT an Anarcho-Capitalist Paradise and You Need to Stop Referencing It.

The most important thing we need to remember is that the knowledge of Celtic language has long been lost, the cognates and terminologies required interpretation from secondary sources i.e. Germanic and Roman writings. Thus we cannot even be sure of any accuracy in the following information.

  • The Tribal Chief had no authority to enforce laws

That’s only true partially. Despite the chief not having legal authority per se, his responsibilities included managing people’s affairs, making decisions on behalf of the tribe and as a commander in chief during warfare. Tuaths (Council) consisting of 100 elected judges chosen by the populace are to meet annually to make decisions and the decision would be democratic and binding. I don’t know about you but it sounds awfully similar to a constitutional monarchy which is something Anarcho Capitalists despise.

  • Celts had insurance

There’s only 1 problem: How do you have insurance when you don’t even own anything/have the concept of private property. Everything was shared thus what’s your was really mine too and whoever has the biggest claim (usually brute force) wins. The kin-based formation of ranks and society is anything but contractual.

Conclusion: instead of living in a fantasy world of the past, we really should be focusing on what we can do to provide a workable solution in the future.


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