Leadership – Part 3: What makes a great leader?

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1. Decisiveness:

Making the right decision can be hard, sometimes there are doubts, but a good leader always knows when to decide and how to decide.

2. Vision:

You can’t lead without some sort of idea of what you want to accomplish, a good leader knows what he wants to achieve and work to achieve it.

3. Integrity:

Every single action performed by the leader is crucial. A good leader knows he cannot fake the consciousness and he must be loyal to his rationality.

4. Competence:

A good leader knows he’s the best at his job and he does not take responsibility for the things he cannot do. If he’s not the best, he let others lead in his stead.


Imagine a scenario where each of the factors is performed effectively and vice versa.


6 thoughts on “Leadership – Part 3: What makes a great leader?

  1. Saludos.
    Me parece muy lograda tu opinión sobre este tema. Desde hace ya tiempo que estoy interesado en esto y también intento aprender todo
    lo que puedo sobre esto. La participación que
    has argumentado me ha parecido muy provechosa, no obstante
    creo que se podría escavar un poco más y de igual modo poder
    clarificar diferentes dudas que todavía tengo.
    De todas maneras, mil gracias por tu participación. Estaré observador a próximas manifestaciones que hagas.

    Mil gracias.
    Hasta pronto.


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